Many of us choose a destination like the Caribbean in order to explore the beautiful, pristine beaches, and swim in the warm ocean as fish skitter by. However, even in a place where a refreshing dip is but a short walk away, there is something special about having your own private place to either splash around in, or float upon as you drift in and out of a dream. If you agree with this, make sure you read on about our Aruba vacation rentals with pool areas included!

Your Aruba Vacation Rentals with Pools

We understand that every person is different, and no two tastes or desires are exactly the same. So, for that reason we have collected a range of different houses for rent in Aruba with pool areas, each of which hosts unique décor, style, feel, and most important of all, amenities. You’ll find some rentals that are sleek and modern with sharp lines and unbelievable extras, while you’ll find others that are cozier, going for a warm welcoming feel that doesn’t need many extras to feel like home. However, one thing you’ll find in common with these rentals is that each comes with its own private pool for you to sink into after a long day of exploring the island, or perhaps do a few laps to tone your form. However, there is much more to our rentals than just that; you’ll find that each comes with complimentary Wi-Fi, allowing you to sink into a good old-fashioned binge whenever the call arises. Further, the majority of our rentals come with monitored alarm systems, allowing you to sleep soundly at night for however long you choose to stay with us.

backyard with pool and seating
vacation house in aruba

Embrace the Style and Quality You Deserve in Aruba

Making the most of an amazing island adventure to Aruba begins and ends with the luxurious details of your accommodations. Those who book a stay in an Aruba rental with a private pool included through Casiola Aruba will find it easier than ever to enjoy the customized journey they crave and deserve. Our stylish properties are most often designed around stunning open concept floorplans that include large windows and towering ceilings throughout. This combination of strategic architectural features is sure to inspire guests, as it not only enhances the overall sense of space to be enjoyed during a stay but provides ample natural sunlight within and puts a firm frame on an incredible island view too.

Those guests looking to maximize time enjoying the vistas they’ve come to admire will want to be sure to book a stay with a private pool that also includes access to spacious balconies, patios, porches, or decks. Check out our Aruba vacation homes for examples. In many cases, these luxurious rentals include a combination of a few of these outdoor features. From these vantage points, guests can greet the sunrise and the rolling waves with a hot cup of coffee in hand each day of their stay. It’s also a wonderful inclusion for those who are looking forward to time sipping their favorite wine under the starry island sky at night. Either way, the moments of tranquility and beauty our guests deserve are never out of reach.


Indoors, guests will find that our Aruba rentals with private pools also enjoy a collection of tasteful and stylish furnishings. Guests are often thrilled by the fact that so many of our properties strike a refreshing aesthetic balance between home comforts and those one-of-a-kind island-inspired style elements that make a stay unforgettable.

While dining out across the island of Aruba promises to be a palate-pleasing experience every time, guests who book a rental with a private pool through Casiola Aruba will also enjoy options to indulge their tastebuds with a home-cooked meal. That’s because many of our properties are built to include a full kitchen as well. These culinary spaces are certainly designed to inspire and often provide access to everything from spacious counters and high-end appliances to custom cabinetry filled with cookware, bakeware, and utensils. Those looking for even more in the way of luxury, convenience, and style will find options available to book properties with kitchens that include large center islands for added space, spacious pantries, and extended breakfast bars with barstool seating options as well.

An Unforgettable and Customized Aruba Adventure

Creating one-of-a-kind Aruba getaways is our specialty at Casiola Aruba. Our team is passionate about the people and places we serve, and we recognize that every trip this way deserves to be entirely its own experience. We also know that for so many travelers from across the globe, a trip anywhere on the map wouldn’t be considered complete without the company of a favorite canine companion by their side. Adventuring with a pet shouldn’t be something that makes or breaks a stay. To that end, guests will find that when they book a villa with a private pool through Casiola Aruba, nobody has to miss out on the island fun. Instead, many of our property options are conveniently designed to be pet-friendly year-round retreats! These property options never sacrifice anything in the way of style or luxury standards, but they do make people and their pets feel wonderfully welcome and comfortable from the moment they step through the front door.

At Casiola Aruba, we also work hard to make sure that when guests aren’t out exploring the island, their time inside a villa with a private pool is equally exciting. Customizing downtime at the touch of a button is made simple in our properties with seamless access to Wi-Fi and high-speed internet. These convenient connections give guests options to send and share videos and photos to friends back home in real-time. They can also update social media with their latest island adventures or check in on the headlines if they choose. While we love that so many guests can make their way this direction to focus on vacation alone, we also work with travelers balancing work and fun alike. Remote-working guests in our villas with pools as well as access to Wi-Fi will find their workdays elevated from start to finish. Connection points make it easy to share digital files with colleagues or connect with professional teams over virtual platforms when needed. Meeting deadlines with peace of mind is made simple in our Aruba villa with private pools. Those who are looking for even more in the way of comfort and convenience will want to be sure to ask about our villas with dedicated offices and workspaces as well. At the end of each day, the reward for a job well done lies in knowing the entire island of Aruba is waiting to be enjoyed and explored! What could be more motivating than that?

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Villa Campeona - Tierra Del Sol Aruba

Our Dedication to You

Here at Casiola Aruba, we are dedicated to giving you the vacation that you have not only dreamed about but so rightfully deserve. We won’t only help you choose the perfect rental for you, but as locals we know all there is to do here and are more than happy to share that knowledge with you. We are also proud to hold the Aruba Health & Happiness Code certification; our rentals are deep cleaned to the absolute highest of standards, ensuring you can rest easily knowing no secret germs are waiting to stow away with you. As well, we understand that not everyone can afford the best of the best, thus we make sure to not only have a range of prices so that everyone is able to see our dreamy island, but also ensure that you get the lowest possible rate. Many of our Aruba vacation villas are affordable yet comfortable.

Your New Island Home

While our Aruba vacation rentals with pool areas and services are much to be desired, make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to see and experience all that Aruba has to offer. You’ll find a range of activities ranging from snorkeling to kayaking to sailing across the ocean blue like some sailor of old. As well, you’ll find a wide selection of tours ensuring you’ll be able to see as much of our island home as possible. You’ll find tours ranging from those on a jeep as you bounce across the terrain, or even those that have you deep under the water as you are shown all the mysteries that lie below the water’s surface. You’ll also find that Aruba has a secret artistic side with many different galleries and museums waiting for you to explore their halls.

If that doesn’t interest you, then maybe you’ll enjoy exploring the various natural wonders that dot the island, ranging from caves to coves to beaches. While these are all reason enough to come and visit, you will find that Aruba has some of the best weather you could hope for, as well as being outside the hurricane belt, ensuring that nothing will impede upon your Caribbean adventure.

If you are ready to take that Caribbean vacation that so many yearn for, make sure you inquire further with Casiola Aruba rentals and book your stay online today!

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Poolside at one of our Tierra Del Sol Aruba vacation home rentals.

Casiola Aruba vacation rentals

Reviews from Happy Guests!


We had the best time here! We had 13 people(8 adults & 4 toddlers) the space fit us perfectly! Such a quiet backyard with a lot to do! All the beaches were a short drive away! The house was spacious and clean! Our hosts were very responsive for any questions we had. We will definitely be coming back!! Thank you so much!


The house is well maintained and equipped with what is needed for a relaxing and comfortable stay. We enjoyed the pool and the backyard every day. The BBQ grill is a great addition to a evening stay at the house. The kitchen is easy to use and has everything you need. Stuart was so responsive to any of our requests. We would definitely stay here again!


What a beautiful home. We absolutely loved it. The hosts were great and communicative and responsive. The home was closer to the beaches that we originally thought. We were completely satisfied and thrilled with the home. Thank you for sharing your home with us. We loved every minute of it. Glad we didn’t stay at some resort.