In a Casiola vacation home, YOU can proudly be YOU!


In a Casiola vacation home, YOU can proudly be YOU! 🌈✨

At Casiola, we believe that everyone deserves a place where they can truly be themselves.

When you stay or work with us, you won’t find any judgmental looks or raised eyebrows. We celebrate diversity and welcome all guests with open arms, regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, body shape or familial status. Everyone is invited to experience the magic of our vacation homes and the warmth of our hospitality.

Casiola is Proud Certified and Certified Fabulous!™ by Fabstayz Inclusive Hospitality. These certifications reflect our ongoing commitment, not just in June for Pride Month, but 24/7/365, to providing exceptional service to all our guests and creating a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed and respected. ❤️

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To provide a genuinely welcoming stay for LGBTQ+ people, has created the Travel Proud program, which aims to ensure that everyone can experience the complete joy of travel, no matter who they love or how they identify.

Casiola is Proud Certified by, helping the LGBTQ+ community to travel with confidence.

Certified Fabulous!™ by Fabstayz

Traveling the world should be relaxing and fun for everyone. Fabstayz made it their mission to provide a platform of truly inclusive and welcoming super host allies to the LGBTQ+ traveler. Their goal is to ensure that every letter of the LGBTQ+ acronym is represented, included and welcomed. Fabstayz wants to be the comfort zone for all travelers who want to enjoy a fabulous vacation without the anxiety of disclosure and any concern for acceptance and Casiola is proud to be Certified Fabulous™!

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As Pride Month begins, we invite you to join us in celebrating love, acceptance and inclusivity. Whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community, an ally, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of diversity, we’re here to make everyone’s vacation EXTRAordinary.

#AllAreWelcome: Experience inclusiveness in Aruba, Miami or Orlando!