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Russ – Director of Franchise Operations
Casiola Franchise

How Casiola can help you scale your business

Make more, save more

Make more money with our award-winning marketing and revenue management, and save on expenses with our technology, automation, and buying power.

Grow your business faster

Add more homes to your inventory quickly with our proven owner-acquisition platform and business development processes.

Create Work/Life balance

Achieve a more fulfilling work and personal life by leveraging our shared services, such as guest relations and accounting.

Casiola community

Learn from the best and share your expertise with our partner community.

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Level up your property management game with Casiola‘s proven tech stack

Having the right software to automate repetitive tasks and give insight into procedures is essential for a successful property management company. Casiola’s tech stack is like a toolbox, full of topoftheline software and our ownintelligence layer apps to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

Casiola Campus – Access all our knowledge

Embark on your journey with us and get ready for a comprehensive on-site training experience in Orlando. Plus, our extensive knowledge base and experienced support team will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Why invest in a Casiola Franchise

Live and work where others vacation

Low startup investment

Work from home

Create a better work/life balance

Booming industry with unlimited growth potential

No experience needed

Mayra – Vacation Home Expert
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We are an award-winning company!

Working with Casiola tripled my results. Being able to focus on the day-to-day while relying on Casiola software and marketing allowed us to develop our market far quicker than expected.

Julia – General Manager Casiola Aruba

Casiola Founder Story

Discover Dennis’ favorite thing about vacation rentals, how he got started in the industry and how Casiola can help you grow.

Take your vacation rental business to the next level with Casiola Franchise.

Join the vacation rental industry’s most recognized and loved brand and turbocharge your business in no time.

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