Turn your vacation home into a restaurant!

Turn your Casiola Aruba vacation home into a restaurant with a Private Chef who will prepare dinner in your kitchen. Choose what you want to eat and when you want to eat from our diverse menus and get your own Private Chef to cook it for you!

On the day of the service, the Chef will buy the ingredients, cook them at home, carry out the table service and clean up before leaving, so that you can relax and enjoy.

Enjoy all the fun of our happy island, starting in your own home with your own cook.

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Try something different while in Aruba

Our Private Chef Service offers gourmet personalized food, cooked to your taste and prepared at your accommodation in Aruba.  Your Private Chef can pre-cook a delicious, healthy meal in little or no time, while you can sit down with your family. This service saves you a lot of time – you don’t need any meal planning, grocery shopping, putting away your groceries, or preparing food; even cleaning up afterward is not your concern anymore.

Whether it is a romantic dinner for two on location or a sit-down, 3-, 4- or 5-course dinner at your villa or apartment, no matter how large the party, our Private Chef can do it. Just inform us what you want and we will come up with suggestions and menus.

Dine in style during your Aruba stay

At Casiola Aruba, helping travelers create fully customized and unforgettable Aruba stays is our specialty. We’re passionate about the people and places we serve and aim to provide our guests with access to above-and-beyond services that promise to inspire! The option to book a private chef to cook for you in your rental villa in Aruba is a sure way to elevate the luxury, flavor, and fun that come standard during your island getaway. While getting out and enjoying the restaurant scene on the island is a treat, booking a private chef is a convenient way to bring those luxurious moments right to you instead.

While the flavors are sure to delight, our collection of Aruba vacation homes, villas, and rentals make it even easier for guests to dine in style when a private chef is serving up something sensational! Private chefs will have access to gourmet-inspired kitchens in these homes away from home that includes everything needed to make a delicious meal when cravings come calling. Many of the kitchens in our beautiful and luxurious rentals provide a spacious and comprehensive space for chefs to put their culinary skills to work. Guests and private chefs will typically find kitchens are outfitted with everything from spacious granite countertops and state-of-the-art appliances to custom cabinetry already filled with cookware, bakeware, utensils, and dishes too. Those who are looking for even more from their stay can book a villa in Aruba that includes a kitchen with extras like a large pantry, extended breakfast bar or a spacious center island. Stocking up on quality ingredients is made simple when a pantry is available. Chefs needing additional meal preparation space will appreciate the center island, while a breakfast bar adds more seating options when dinner is served for more guests than typically are accommodated at a traditional dining room table.

When dinner is served and it’s time to savor a spectacular meal in good company, guests have customized options at their fingertips too. While gathering around the dining room table is always a good way to go, when the weather is right, there’s no reason not to take a chef-prepared meal outside. Many of our luxurious rentals feature an outdoor kitchen and dining spaces where guests can enjoy a dish with incredible views included. Properties with access to decks, furnished balconies, and spacious porches work just as well when a plate is best paired with the fresh air and a one-of-a-kind vista to top it all off.


Meet the chef

Chef Ronald Bossong, a renowned award-winning culinary artist, has been passionate about food since he began cooking in restaurants in Holland at the age of ten. He has gained experience in international cuisine and has opened several concept restaurants, including a Mexican taco restaurant in Aruba and an upscale Steakhouse in Curaçao. He has cooked for Government delegations and Queen Beatrix of Holland, and won the 2014 culinary competition in Mexico out of 35 chefs from Mexico and the Caribbean.

Tragedy struck in 2017 when his eldest son Stan was diagnosed with cancer. Despite a four year battle, Stan passed away in 2021. A year later, Chef Ronald felt a sign from heaven to start his own private chef business, and it has been successful ever since.

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