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All of our homes are close to the Universal Studios. Just a few miles from your vacation home, and you’re there. No need for long commutes, that  give your kids the “are we there yet” anxiety. When you stay at one of our vacation homes, you can relax, enjoy a nice home cooked breakfast, and calmly be on your way to the parks for a day of fun. You’ll be there in minutes. Book a Casiola vacation home today, and be close to all the action that is Universal Studios!

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Universal in minutes

Imagine waking up, enjoying a nice soothing shower, cooking a delicious home cooked breakfast, and then heading out to Universal Studios. Because our vacation homes are so close to Universal Studios, you will have the luxury of taking your time during your mornings. No need to worry about making it on time for opening. Essentially, all the Universal Studios fun you can imagine is just around the corner. And you’ll get to enjoy it all from open until close. Just a very short drive from your home, and you’re there!

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