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Spending time somewhere scenic, exciting, and equally inviting is a great way to refresh the senses. Travelers who are overdue for a vacation will find that setting their sights on the island of Aruba is a choice that always inspires! Here, a getaway can easily be defined by access to sun, sand, and surf in abundance. Aruba is also brimming over with amazing restaurants to try, charming shops to browse, and collections of museums, galleries, studios, and historical landmarks that make every visit unique. Whether you’re someone who loves spending time on the water or you’re looking for a vibrant downtown scene to explore, Aruba has something wonderful waiting for you. One of the best island areas to check out for yourself when you’re looking to balance these two experiences is Surfside Beach. This one-of-a-kind locale is loved for its scenery and sand but is equally enjoyed for its proximity to downtown Oranjestad! Making the most of it all is a simple thing to do for those who opt to book Aruba beachfront villas near Surfside Beach through the team at Casiola Aruba during their next island adventure.

Settle into Surfside Beach Style During Your Stay

Locals and visitors alike find reasons to relish time on and around Surfside Beach Aruba. This family-friendly destination in Aruba offers up much in the way of amazing views, sugar-white sands, and access to calm waters that make it a wonderful place for little ones to romp in the water. The shallow flats of Surfside Beach also make it an ideal place to enjoy paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking, or swimming alike. Those who are looking to relax on the shoreline during their visit will find that Surfside Beach is home to a variety of kwihi trees, which are great places to cool off underneath when temperatures rise. Fishing boats, sailing boats, and cruise ships alike often pass by in the distance, giving even more to the scenery here.

While all of the natural beauty that makes up Surfside Beach is wonderfully appealing, this stretch of shoreline is popular amongst those who are looking to stay close to city-center fun as well! Surfside Beach is no more than a 2-minute drive from the airport and sits along Linear Park in downtown Oranjestad. This means that time on the sand can easily be paired with time exploring local restaurants, hitting up the downtown shops, or checking out the best that Oranjestad architecture has to offer! Whether you’re looking to sign up for dive school or you can’t wait to spend time sipping afternoons away at downtown cafes, spending time around Surfside Beach provides options to embrace it all.

Let Luxury and Comfort Lead the Way to Island Fun

At Casiola Aruba, we specialize in helping travelers take their Aruba getaway to the next level of excellence with every booking. For us, it comes down to providing access to amazing property options that keep visitors close to the places they can’t wait to explore while indulging in luxury, comfort, and style! Our collection of Aruba beachfront villas near Surfside Beach boasts amazing amenities and a variety of style elements to choose from that give our guests the opportunity to personalize their stay at every turn. While our property options are vast and varied, guests will love that our commitment to quality and comfort is unwavering throughout our collection. Many of our Aruba rentals near Surfside Beach bring space, light, and style to the forefront of a stay thanks to open floorplans that often include large windows and towering ceilings. This combination of features emphasizes the amazing island view guests have come to enjoy as well as an enhanced sense of space where it’s easy to move from one room to the next at all times. Guests will also find that indoor and outdoor living is emphasized in many of our rentals near Surfside Beach. Panels of windows and sliding glass doors reveal easy access to sprawling patios and decks that are furnished in many of our homes and provide guests with every reason to enjoy time outside.

Inside, guests will find our Aruba rentals near Surfside Beach are always outfitted with tasteful and stylish furnishings that make it simple to settle into the luxury standard guests crave. It’s also typical for visitors to find themselves in a home-away-from-home in Aruba designed to include large bedrooms and plenty of lounge areas for making the most of restful and relaxing moments. From Surfside Beach homes with full kitchens on-site to those that enjoy infinity pools and spas as well as fire pits and outdoor kitchens, there’s no limit to the luxurious possibilities when you book with Casiola Aruba.

Enjoy Your Getaway Today

Savor every second of your Aruba adventure and let the team at Casiola Aruba make sure you have mesmerizing accommodations to match. Browse our collection of Surfside Beach Aruba rentals online and start planning your journey!

  • FAQ

    Will my rental have Wi-Fi included?

    Yes. At Casiola Aruba, we know that even when you’re enjoying an island adventure, it’s important to be able to connect at the touch of a button. To that end, all of our rentals have Wi-Fi included for guests to enjoy during their Aruba stay.

    Does my rental have a place where I can store important documents and items during my stay?

    Yes. When you check into your rental, you’ll find it’s outfitted with a hotel-style safe to use during your visit. Feel free to set your own passcode for added peace of mind.

    How early can I check into my Surfside Beach rental?

    When you book your stay through Casiola Aruba, check-in is always at 4:00 pm. At this time, you’ll be able to use your entry code. The only exception would be if you’ve reserved and paid for an earlier check-in time with our team.

    Is Surfside Beach a family-friendly place to stay?

    Absolutely! Surfside Beach is a popular place for picnics under shoreline trees, paddleboarding, canoeing, and sunbathing as well. There are many nearby restaurants for families to enjoy when cravings come calling as well as dive schools to check out when you’re looking to learn a new skill together and take your adventures under the waves.