While it is no exaggeration to say one could easily spend a week in this little slice of Caribbean heaven, many times our trips might be restricted to a shorter visit. While you may only be with us for a short time, you’ll find that you can still get a full Caribbean experience even in the span of just a couple days. Read on for our guide to the top things to do in Aruba for two days!

Day One: Take in the Sights of the Tropics

When we go on vacation, often we are not content to just sit in our rentals going about the same routine we always have; rather, we wish to satisfy the inner explorer and seek out adventure. In Aruba, there is no better way to see all the little secrets the island holds via a UTV Tour.  You’ll find yourself zooming across the sands, salty wind in your hair, as your private guide shows you everything from the Wish Rock Garden to The California Lighthouse, and all that is in between. Most tour companies are more than willing to do rental pickups and drop offs as well. Prepare for a morning of adventure and exploration as you fly and bounce across the sands.

After your off-roading adventures, make sure you take the rest of the day to explore things to see in Aruba like the many pristine beaches scattered around our beautiful island. Take a short drive to Baby Beach and spend the afternoon snorkeling the shallow water on the beach’s left side. Afterwards, either hang out under one of the shade huts, sprawl out in a cabana, or lie upon the warm white sands and let the rhythmic crashing of the waves lull you to sleep. If you are looking for a more secluded area to relax and ponder the various questions of life, then scope out Andicuri Beach, which is valued by locals for its quiet and secluded nature.

After a long day of relaxing on the beach and exploring the sands, make sure you take some time to experience Aruba’s booming nightlife. What’s more is there is no reason to blindly explore on your own, as you’ll find several companies offering bar crawls and tours. For instance, hitch a ride with Kukoo Kununku’s party bus. Pick from several tours ranging from an evening exploring the various dinner and nightlife hangout spots or do a good old fashioned bar crawl complete with special tour prices. For those looking to drink with a touch of sophistication, make sure you check out their wine tours; they’re perfect for beginners and connoisseurs alike!

Day Two: A Day of Water Fun and Horses

When one thinks of Aruba, the very last thing that would come to mind would be horses and the ability to trot across the landscape as the sun rises to your side and the world wakes up. However, you’ll find it’s one of the top things to do in Aruba. Several companies offer a range of different horseback riding tours for your choosing. Each tour offers something unique that is sure to pique one’s interest, and many of them also provide free instruction should you be new to the equestrian world. With these tours you’ll see many wonders, from the beautiful, picturesque beaches to mining ruins to hidden valleys and more. Enjoy a morning seeing the sights while accompanied by one of Earth’s most majestic animals.

Going to Aruba and not snorkeling or scuba diving is like going to Italy and not trying at least one pizza, it’s almost unheard of and doing yourself a great disservice. So, take the afternoon to either snorkel and view the area’s beautiful reefs and schools of colorful fish, or even dive to the depths of the ocean and explore the mysteries that lie beneath. You’ll find the south side perfect for open water divers or beginners, while the north side possesses a rather strong current and is suggested only for the experienced. However, if you’ve never gone under the depths, don’t fear, as many companies offer introductory lessons. For those well-seasoned divers, make sure you check out the various tour companies and explore the many wrecks that litter the underwater valleys or explore the open waters and live among the fish for an afternoon.

If you find yourself with a significant other, you will find there are few moments as intimate and inherently romantic as floating in the Caribbean with a glass of champagne between you as the sun sets and the sky turns from blue into a collage of reds and oranges. You’ll find several companies that are more than willing to give you that exact experience. What’s more, many offer a full dinner option that comes with a multicourse meal and the most delicious of wines and beverages. So, why not end your stay in style and create a memory to cherish for many years to come?

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