Best 5 spots to snorkel with turtles in Aruba

What's going on in Aruba?
Suppose you love to try new things or snorkeling in Aruba is your main activity during a vacation. In that case, snorkeling with turtles is a must-try! The snorkeling areas mentioned here are a combination of areas with easy access to snorkeling with turtles, the experience of encountering turtles, and an overall snorkeling experience. To enjoy the most impeccable time, you must consider renting a Casiola Aruba vacation home.

Malmok Beach

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This narrow, rocky beach is a favorite for snorkelers near the high-rise hotels on the north coast. Aruba is a popular destination for snorkeling with turtles and beautiful coral reefs, so many that boats bring their clients here! You’ll want to come early in the morning if you want to avoid the tour boats. When the ships arrive, the area gets more crowded and raucous.

Boca Catalina

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It’s Aruba’s most excellent beach and one of the best places to go snorkeling with turtles, so don’t miss it. It is tucked away in a quiet area just a few kilometers from the city’s most popular high-rise hotel district. Boca Catalina is a 350-meter-long beach, mainly sandy but rocky at certain spots. Stairs built from the rocks provide convenient access to the water.

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Mangel Halto

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Awe-inspiring aquatic life and vibrant coral reefs! In Mangel Halto, south of Spanish Lagoon, you’ll find the southeast coast. The mangroves and turquoise lagoons that line this stretch of shoreline set it apart from other beaches in the area. Aruba is worth the visit if you’re visiting the island and want to snorkel with turtles here!

A little swim may be necessary before you can put on your fins in the shallow water. To get to the reef, you’ll need to swim next to the yellow buoys for around a hundred meters or more. You will spot turtles, as well as tropical fish, and even a beautiful moray eel when you arrive at this lovely coral garden.


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White-sand beaches, calm water, excellent snorkeling, and, of course, turtles everywhere! Is there anything more you need? The northernmost beach on the island with lots of parking and accessible beach cottages to choose from is the place to go! Usually, the water around here is quiet, as large waves at this spot are rare.

Snorkeling is safe in the lagoon since it is not too deep. You may find fish like French Angelfish and Blue Striped Snappers in these tropical waters. There are also hard and soft corals, as well as sea fans!

Baby Beach

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The unique crescent-shaped Baby Beach is one of Aruba’s most spectacular and is safe for snorkeling. Located on the southeast side of the island, it doesn’t have the best coral reefs, but for beginners it’s a great place to observe Caribbean marine life, including many species of fish, and one of the best turtle snorkeling spots in Aruba. The beach is also known as a swimming spot. The beach is home to many turtles that often rest in the sandy lagoon, making it an ideal place to see them.

Aruba snorkeling is a must-try for snorkelers and divers! Each of these snorkeling spots has its characteristics, but snorkeling with turtles involves all! Aruba has one of the best snorkeling spots in the world. This island has many snorkeling sites, with sea life including angelfish or snappers and especially turtles!

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