6 top reasons to rent a extraordinary beachfront vacation home in Aruba

Beachfront Vacation Home Aruba

6 top reasons to rent a extraordinary beachfront vacation home in Aruba

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Gone are the days of large hotels, and in are the times for private rentals, for the latter has much more to offer than your traditional options. With endless opportunities, facilities, and options, beachfront vacation homes are your best bet at enjoying a true vacation in Aruba. If you are wondering what makes them so special, here are a few reasons.

Beachfront Vacation Home

1. Enjoy a more personal experience

The struggles and monotony of daily life mar the entire experience of existence by removing the personal element. Schedules, due dates bind you, and whatnot, all of which are governed by impersonal, fixed rules decided by factors you have no control over.

And although this might be the most pragmatic route of things to function in society, it can be a little too much for your nerves if continued endlessly. Everyone needs to refresh and reboot every once in a while.

The perfect way to do that is to escape the routine and relax in a beachfront destination that rejuvenates your spirits and declutters your mind. However, the purpose is lost when one decides to stay in hotels, for they are corporate giants. Although they may try to help you get a custom vacation, there is not much that they can offer in this regard. Cut to private vacation homes, which are the solution to this problem.

Living in a rental means, you are your own boss, not dictated by any external governing factors. The only rules here are of basic human decency. Barring that, you are free in every sense.

Want to get away from technology? Ask your hosts to unplug and remove all technology from your villa. Want to know which destinations in the vicinity offer authentic experiences? Ask your hosts and expect honest opinions, for they do not set you up in tourist traps.

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2. Beachfront Privacy

One of the best things about spending your vacation in a private condo or a villa is the amazing amount of privacy you get. With hotel accommodations, you always have someone invading your personal space until and unless you are locked up in your room.

Does not sound that fancy, right? Of course not! Imagine sharing your toilet with tens of other people or searching for a spot under the open sky, navigating through swarms of other vacationers. Unwanted people, noise, and disturbance are all the perfect ingredients to ruin your experience.

This goes a step further if you are vacationing with a group of your friends and family. Sometimes, we just want to enjoy solitude with the people we love the most. Exist in their company and enjoy private, leisurely moments where we can build memories to hold on to in the future. And this isn’t possible with some foreign intrusion. Imagine looking back upon your memories and finding them infested by unrelated individuals.

With private beachfront rentals, this problem is solved! Not only does renting a villa mean that you are the only people existing in that space, but it also means that everyone gets their own room. So, you can share the luxury home with your loved ones, enjoy their company in peace, spend quality time together while having the option to escape that if you want in the solitude of your room.

Plus, you also get to have your bathrooms, which is the best. So, no caring about cleanliness and hygiene, just pure fun. Does that not sound amazing?

3. Excellent opportunities for spending bonding time

What is it that brings a family together or makes friends more intimate? Everyone knows that it is the small things, small moments that do the job. Fun activities like cooking together, watching TV together, sitting in a big room and sharing your stories, hanging out beside the pool, swimming, playing in the water, forming beautiful moments, and ultimately memories, one cherishes.

Booking a private beachfront rental home allows you several of these opportunities. Our villas feature exciting elements like private pools, jacuzzies, large, fully functional kitchens, BBQ grills, which provide you the chance to engage in group activities. Such exciting possibilities are rare, so make sure you hop onto this one!

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4. Overall finances

We grant it – renting a private beachfront condo may seem like a very expensive option at first. On the surface, it may appear that opting for a hotel may be more budget-friendly. However, this is not the case, and for multiple reasons. Firstly, hotels only have a few amenities covered in their upfront payment. This means that you will be presented with surprise dues at some point during your vacation, which could upset your budget.

Sometimes, they even charge you for meaningless things, like WiFi, that you cannot live without and therefore would have to pay for them. When you factor all of this in, the overall cost of living exceeds your prior imaginations.

Oftentimes, people spend so much on their accommodations that they have very little to spare for their ventures into the city. This is not the case with private rentals, where all payments are made up-front and most basic amenities, like WiFi, are included in the package.

Secondly, since they also feature fully equipped and functional kitchens and laundries, you can save money by cooking your meals and doing your laundry. Therefore, the overall cost of living here is more reasonable and expected, which is an excellent factor to consider.

5. The beauty of beachfront condos/homes

Although all private rental homes have their perks, none compare to what beachfront facilities have to offer. Since they are located only a few meters away from the beach, they have fantastic ocean views, something they make proper use of in their architecture.

Beachfront homes and villas feature large windows that face the ocean, meaning that you can enjoy stunning views from the comfort of your house. Imagine waking up to the comforting sounds of the ocean and breathtaking views of foaming waters. Feels like heaven, does it not?

Remember to catch gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, their experience enhanced by the fact that you are sharing these moments with the people you love the most.

6. Enjoy special amenities

One of the most amazing perks of living in a private beachfront villa is that you enjoy special amenities you may not have had access to otherwise. Renting a home with ocean views in Aruba means that you are to get special access to Palm and Eagle beaches, special discounts on their memberships, and access to reserved beach spots.

So, not only do you enjoy excellent facilities while you are at home, but you also get to have much more at the beaches! Moreover, several of our beach homes also offer kayaks as part of the package, meaning you can go kayaking in the ocean. Lovely, is it not?

So, these were a few of the general highlights of renting a private beachfront home in Aruba. The following is a list of our top available rentals, which would help you gain a better and specific perspective of what it is like to live in a private rental in the town.

Rent a beachfront vacation home in Aruba

covered patio and pool

Villa Leila

Rated five stars by most people who have had the chance to stay here, Villa Leila is an excellent luxury rental resort in Aruba. Perfect for small families of six or couples or even a group of friends, this beachfront villa allows you the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant getaway from the mundanity of your regular life.

Villa Leila boasts two fantastic bedrooms that feature excellent amenities, like king-sized beds, en-suite bathrooms, and a balcony that overlooks the pool area, breathtaking views of the coastline, and the golf course that’s right behind the rental.

The rooms also feature an attractive juxtaposition of modern and traditional interior decoration, with the room settings giving a contemporary vibe but the furniture flaunting a rustic look.

Other than this, you can also enjoy several fantastic services while you are here, including free WiFi, VIP passes for Moomba Beach Club, a large gas BBQ, a washing machine, and a dryer, among other things. You can comfortably spend your time here, lounging in front of your private pool, soaking in the sunlight, grilling fresh steaks on the grill, and living the best life! You will regret not coming here sooner!

Villa Adelaida

Villa Adelaida

If you are looking for a luxurious beachfront vacation in a destination with a high aesthetic ambiance and screams of Aruba-ness, Villa Adelaida should be one of your top considerations. Villa Adelaida is the perfect setting for those who like looking and living an expensive and extravagant life. It features exciting elements like chic and elegant, spacious bathrooms with deep bathtubs, gorgeous Aruban-style furniture, designer bedrooms, and much more.

So, you can get away from the impersonal feeling while still enjoying all the facilities that are characteristic of them. All you have to do here is to come and live your best life during your vacation. Does that not sound like a treat?

One of the biggest perks about renting this beachfront villa is its outdoor space. This rental comes with a private pool, an outside patio shaded by a line of gorgeous trees, and a grill, meaning you can spend excellent leisurely time with your group outside, dipping in the pool or soaking in the sun while enjoying freshly grilled food. And if you want to step out for the day, worry not, for everything you need is in the villa’s proximity.

Popular Eagle and Palm beaches are within five minutes of a car drive from the estate, and the largest supermarket in town is also just around the corner. So, you can go hang out at the beach club (and enjoy VIP passes and discounts there!), experience Palm beach’s popularly wild nightlife, and know that you are just minutes from home and don’t have anything to worry about.

aerial view of a vacation home and beach

Villa Boca Catalina

Villa Boca Catalina is another excellent private beachfront villa that lets you escape the crowds and spend luxury time with your group of choice. If you want an abode that allows you fantastic views of the stunning turquoise Aruba oceans, this is the choice for you. This luxury rental includes five very spacious bedrooms, each with excellent views of the ocean. You will find yourself glued to the windows!

Imagine waking up every morning to the sounds of the sea, and the first thing you see is gorgeous waters. In the evenings, you can witness breathtaking sunsets too. Now that is some beachfront luxury!

While the ocean is in proximity to the villa, you also get a private pool facility. So, if you don’t feel like stepping into the beach in other people’s company but still want to have fun with water, you can always head to the pool to have some fun.

Other exciting features in this facility include a very large TV lounge perfect for large groups, fully air-conditioned living space, free WiFi, VIP passes for Moomba Beach, and a fully equipped kitchen perfect for all your needs. And don’t worry about extra or hidden charges – everything is dealt with upfront, and the payments you make are inclusive of all provided amenities.

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