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Fun ways to celebrate your birthday in Aruba!

What's going on in Aruba?
Another year of life is always full of excitement and new memories to be made! The great thing about having your birthday in Aruba is that it usually involves water, sun, fun, and an awesome Casiola Aruba vacation home. Aruba birthdays are a special occasion to celebrate with family or friends and offer many ways to celebrate a birthday party, whether you’re planning a birthday picnic by the beach or a private beach cabana on an all-inclusive island. Birthday celebrations in Aruba are a different experience from those in your home country, so here are some of the most fun ways to celebrate your birthday in Aruba!

Celebrate on the many breathtaking beaches


Aruba’s beaches are some of the best because of their soft white sand and clear blue water. Birthday beach celebrations in Aruba usually involve lots of swimming, sunbathing, and fun with family or friends all around. Birthday Beach Parties in Aruba can be accommodated with a casual BBQ or a luxurious birthday picnic, depending on the vacation home you decide to stay at.

Aruba champagne toast and sunset cruises with snorkeling


Book a birthday cruise in Aruba to celebrate with a birthday champagne toast while enjoying a dreamy sunset followed by snorkeling! This exciting birthday celebration can be set up with Palm Pleasure in Aruba, which provides snorkeling in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea while sailing the beautiful seas with friends and family.

Take a Ride On The Kukoo Kunuku

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The Kukoo Kunuku bus has music, maracas, and a bar while it drives around the city looking for Caribbean parties. On Aruba’s “party on wheels” bus, there are plenty of options when it comes to destinations, as it visits local clubs, bars, and even “watering holes”! Anyone above the age of 18 can ride the bus, which includes a meal beneath the stars at Casibari Grill with up to three stops to local bars, and is also available for private transportation for parties.

Skydive in Aruba

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“Skydive Aruba” provides safe and professional skydiving excursions over Aruba’s stunning seas and beaches. Rick and Lisa Hornsby own and manage Skydive Aruba, one of the oldest and safest skydiving operations ever founded. All skydiving flights are conducted in a Cessna 182 aircraft, which is specially constructed for skydiving and thoroughly inspected. All equipment is included, however, jumpers must be in reasonably decent physical condition, weighing between 100 and 220 pounds.

Aruba UTV Tours

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Take a UTV trip to discover Aruba, which is perfect for singles, couples, or families. Tours run around 3 hours and include stops at Alto Vista Chapel, Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, Natural Pool, and the famous Natural Bridge. Tours may also include visiting the famed California Lighthouse, Black Stone Beach, and a snorkel stop at one of Aruba’s best snorkel spots, De Palm Island. Aruba UTV tours are a great way to experience Aruba all around.

De Palm Island celebrations


De Palm Island is Aruba’s only all-inclusive destination and the perfect place to celebrate your birthday. From snorkeling, waterslides, chicken nuggets, and french fries to feeding the flamingos. Enjoy the blue water and white sands of Palms Island in luxury, in your own private beach cabana. It’s a masterpiece.

If you have a birthday coming up or know of someone who does, Aruba is the perfect place to celebrate! Birthday Celebrations in Aruba are great for anyone looking to experience something new or go on a birthday adventure. Discover our amazing vacation homes in Aruba and make it a celebration that will make memories that will last

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