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Aruba’s 8 most romantic Valentine’s Day ideas

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If you’re looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Aruba, we’ve got some great Valentine’s Day ideas for how to do it right. We’ve rounded up our top 8 romantic ideas for the perfect holiday getaway that will make your loved one feel truly special. From breakfast in bed to a sunset cruise around the island, these are some of our favorite ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart:

1. Start your Valentine’s Day with breakfast in bed

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Starting your Valentine’s Day with breakfast in bed can be a great way to begin the day with your loved one. It’s a simple yet romantic gesture that shows you care and want to make the day special. It’s a classic Valentine’s Day tradition.

How can you make it even more memorable in your Casiola vacation rental? Surprise your partner by decorating the bedroom with rose petals or an arbor made from flowers. Buy or make some fresh croissants in your fully equipped kitchen. Serve a bottle of champagne, chocolates and other treats like pastries and fresh fruit. Set up a table outside the room if you have one available so that you can dine together outside on this lovely day! Or order a Valentine’s Breakfast Basket with Picnic Aruba (also available for delivery).

2. Do something adventurous


If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous than a traditional dinner and a movie, then you’ll love the next Valentine’s Day ideas! There are plenty of ways to get your adrenaline pumping this Valentine’s Day. Aruba offers many adventurous activities for couples looking to add some excitement to their Valentine’s Day celebration. Here are a few Valentine’s Day ideas:

One option is spending a day on the water with a snorkel and sail trip. The waters around Aruba offer many opportunities for spotting marine life—from dolphins to manta rays—and spending an afternoon exploring these waters will make your heart feel like it’s soaring through the sky.

Another option is a Jeep or UTV tour through Aruba’s landscape; these four-wheelers can navigate everything from rugged terrain to sandy beaches without getting stuck and give you plenty of space inside where you can enjoy yourselves while having adventures like swimming in natural pools or climbing up small hills just because they’re there! You could even take part in some historic shipwrecks during an excursion with Jolly Pirates!

Go kiteboarding or windsurfing: Aruba is known for its strong trade winds, making it a great spot for kiteboarding and windsurfing. Take a lesson together and see who can catch the most air!

Take a hot air balloon ride: Take in the breathtaking views of the island from above as you float in a hot air balloon during the early morning hours. This is a unique and romantic way to start your day together.

Go horseback riding: Take a romantic horseback ride through the island’s lush countryside, passing by picturesque coves and secluded beaches.

3. Plan a picnic for two with Picnic Aruba

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Planning a picnic for two with Picnic Aruba is a great way to enjoy a romantic and intimate outdoor experience on the island. Picnic Aruba is a company that specializes in creating custom picnics for couples and small groups. The company will work with you to choose a picturesque location on the island, such as a secluded beach or a scenic viewpoint. You can choose from a variety of menu options, such as a gourmet cheese and charcuterie board, a Mediterranean-style antipasto platter, or a fresh fruit and yogurt parfait. They also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options. Picnic Aruba will set up a romantic table setting, including a tablecloth, candles, and flowers. They can also provide a professional photographer to capture the memories of your romantic picnic.

It’s important to note that you will need to make a reservation with Picnic Aruba in advance, as the company’s services are in high demand and tend to fill up quickly. They will also provide you with the details of the location and time of the picnic, as well as any other information you need to know. Overall, a picnic with Picnic Aruba is a great way to enjoy a romantic outdoor experience with your loved one while on vacation in Aruba. It’s a perfect way to spend a special Valentine’s Day together.

4. Dine al fresco on your villa patio

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An open-air setting is ideal for a romantic evening. You can enjoy the scenery, the weather, and the ambiance of Aruba while you dine al fresco. Enjoy your meal in complete privacy in the backyard of your Casiola Aruba vacation rental. Or watch the sun go down from on of our outdoor loungers or hammocks. However, it is especially romantic at sunset when you can dream away under amazing sunsets. You may prefer to have a romantic BBQ or prepare a luxurious Valentine’s meal in your fully equipped private kitchen or hire a private chef to cook for you. You can choose from local dishes, seafood or grilled meat, or opt for a more sophisticated menu. You can play soft music or bring a portable speaker to add to the ambiance.

Overall, dining al fresco on the patio of your Aruba vacation rental can be a great way to enjoy a romantic and intimate meal with your loved one. With the right location, menu, and setting, you can create a memorable dining experience that will make your vacation even more special.

5. Have a romantic couples massage

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A massage is a great Valentine’s Day idea to wind down after an exciting day and let your worries drift away. It’s also a fantastic way to show your loved one how much you care about them, the two of you can enjoy an hour or more of relaxation in each other’s company. Aruba has plenty of spas where you can get massages, which offer special Valentine’s Day packages. Relax and rejuvenate together with a day of pampering at one of Aruba’s many luxury spa resorts. Treatments can include massages, facials, and body wraps, and you can also enjoy the use of the spa’s facilities, such as saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs.

6. End your day with a sunset cruise around the island

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Enjoy a romantic evening on the water as you sail along the coastline of the island, taking in the stunning views of the sunset. It’s the perfect way to end your day with your loved one, and it will give you both an opportunity to sit back and relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Aruba’s west coast. Palm Pleasure offer sunset cruise that include snacks and drinks throughout the trip, enjoy an open bar featuring beer and wine. The crew members are friendly and knowledgeable about local history—if they see dolphins or whales in the water, they’ll let you know!

A sunset cruise around the island is a great way to end Valentine’s Day in Aruba, enjoying the beautiful views of the sunset, the company of your loved one, and a glass of champagne. It’s a perfect way to end a romantic and unforgettable day.

7. A private sunset dinner on the beach

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This is a perfect way to enjoy a romantic meal together while taking in the beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea. Many resorts and restaurants on the island offer this option, and you can choose to have your dinner set up on a secluded stretch of beach for added privacy.

Aruba’s beachfront restaurants are known for their romantic dining experiences. In fact, many of them consider themselves to be some of the most romantic restaurants in the world. Imagine having your toes in the sand as you enjoy a candlelit dinner with your significant other, surrounded by an idyllic setting and elegant service. Imagine that same scene but on Aruba where you can watch breathtaking sunsets over water so clear it looks like glass. The sky is filled with brightly shining stars reflecting on the water while soft breezes blow through your hair and caress your face. These magical conditions will surely create some of those special Valentine’s Day memories that last forever!

8. Book a romantic getaway with Casiola Aruba

If you are looking for the perfect place to stay for Valentine’s Day, look no further than Casiola Aruba. Casiola Aruba is a great way to experience a luxurious and intimate vacation with your loved one. Many of our Aruba properties come with private swimming pools, hot tubs and other luxury amenities that can add to the romance and intimacy of your stay. You will be able to relax in tranquility and privacy as you enjoy your own slice of paradise.

We hope you found the above Valentine’s Day ideas helpful and that they will give you some inspiration for your own romantic Aruba getaways. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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