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Top 7 Aruba sunset viewing spots

What's going on in Aruba?
Aruba is a beautiful island, and the sunset is one of its most stunning features. Many of us fantasize about visiting the Caribbean, sitting on pristine sands, and watching the Aruba sunset at the end of a day or adventure. Pick your Casiola Aruba retreat, and your dream of an Aruba vacation might become a reality. You may visit the lovely island and stay in your very own stunning villa. The island boasts numerous places to watch the sunset, but here are some of our favorite spots to watch the Aruba sunset:

1. Eagle Beach

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For a sunset that will take your breath away, head to Eagle Beach. This is probably Aruba’s most famous beach. It is also the longest and most popular for water sports, sunbathing, swimming, and windsurfing. If you go in the afternoon (or better yet, early morning), you should have no problem finding a spot on this beautiful stretch of sand.

2. Baby Beach

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Baby Beach, located on the southern tip of the island, is one of Aruba’s most beautiful beaches. It has shallow water and a calm bay that makes it ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

The sunset here is particularly stunning because Baby Beach faces west, making it the perfect spot to watch Aruba’s sun melt into the ocean as it goes down. The best time to go is when there isn’t much wind or waves, otherwise you may miss out on some spectacular views!

3. Palm Beach

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If you’re looking for a quiet beach to watch the sunset, look no further than Palm Beach. This small beach is located in the Palm Beach district of Aruba and offers great food, drinks, and entertainment at one of its many restaurants or lounges. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a drive to the nearby golf course and explore some of the island’s most breathtaking scenery.

4. California Lighthouse

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While the California Lighthouse is technically located in Aruba’s south, it’s only a short drive from Oranjestad to get there. Once you’re at this historic landmark, which dates back to 1885 and served as one of three lighthouses that oversaw shipping traffic into the island, you’ll be able to take in an unforgettable view of the sun setting over Aruba’s waters. The lighthouse itself is open for tours during daytime hours, but if you want to watch the sunset from its observation deck, make sure to visit after 5 pm so that you don’t miss out on all of that post-sunset magic!

5. The Alto Vista Chapel

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The Alto Vista Chapel is the highest point on Aruba, and it offers a stunning view of the ocean as well as a unique vantage point from which to watch the sunset. Located just south of Eagle Beach, this chapel is open to all visitors who wish to explore its beautiful surroundings. The Alto Vista Chapel sits at an elevation of about 80 feet (24 meters) above sea level and provides panoramic views over Boca Prinsi and Eagle Beach all the way up until Arikok National Park.

6. Savaneta (Flying Fishbone Restaurant)

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You’ll want to head to Savaneta, a small town on the northern coast of Aruba. Savaneta is home to the Flying Fishbone Restaurant, which is located right on the beach. The Flying Fishbone’s rooftop bar has a great view of both sunset and sunrise, but you can also sit down for dinner or drinks in their restaurant if you prefer.

The food at this restaurant is excellent, the pizza’s are especially good! If you’re visiting during their off season (from January through April), make sure to book ahead as they tend to get pretty busy during those months.

7. Punta Brabo (near Matthew’s Beachside Restaurant)

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The rocky point at Punta Brabo is a wonderful place to watch the sunset. It’s a bit of a hike to get there, but the stunning views and clear water make it worth your while. If you’re looking for some quiet time with your family or friends, this is an ideal spot. The waters are calm and shallow near the shoreline so it’s safe for swimming and snorkeling too!

If you’re not quite up for hiking on rock-filled terrain, there are plenty of other options nearby at Matthew’s Beachside Restaurant.

The Aruba sunset is truly something to behold. It’s a good idea to watch the sunset from different locations around the island and see which one you like best. If you want to see the sunset over a beach, then head to the most popular sunset spots, Eagle Beach and Baby Beach. Both are located on the southeastern side of the island.

No matter which beach you choose, plan on getting there early to secure your spot! The best time to watch a sunset is between 5 pm – 6.45 pm, but some people say that if you wait long enough (until after 7.00 pm), then something magical happens. The sky turns deep purple instead of pink! Casiola Aruba really wants you to experience a vacation you will never forget and booking a stay in a villa through Casiola Aruba promises to elevate your experience even further.

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