Secret gems in Aruba

5 secret gems in Aruba

What's going on in Aruba?
Aruba is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s a tropical paradise, with beaches that boast white sand and turquoise water. The island also has wonderful restaurants, a vibrant nightlife scene, and more, but there are some secret gems in Aruba that you might not know about. If you’re planning on visiting the island soon, we have a wide selection of amazing Aruba vacation rentals. Keep reading to learn about these hidden gems!

1. Black Stone Beach

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Black Stone Beach, located just east of Andicuri Beach and south of Baby Beach, is a little secluded beach named for the black stones that line the shoreline. The beach is secluded and undeveloped, with no amenities or facilities. This hidden little gem is a one-of-a-kind beach and an excellent spot for photography enthusiasts for escaping the more crowded beaches. Swimming and snorkeling are not advised owing to flood waters.

2. Guadirikiri & Fountain Cave


The Guadirikiri Cave and Fountain Cave are two of Aruba’s most popular caves, frequented by locals and tourists alike. They are located within Arikok National Park and are accessible to visitors during regular park hours (8 am-4 pm).

Guadirikiri Cave: This is a cave with two chambers that allows sunlight to stream through holes in the roof of the cave during certain times of day. It is famous for its stalagmites and stalactites, which are unique to this area.

Fountain Cave: You can see ancient Indian rock drawings on the ceilings and walls of this cave, providing a real sense of island history to this cave. Fountain Cave is also home to many bats who live here year-round and leave at nightfall each evening.

3. Lourdes Grotto

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The Lourdes Grotto is a small cave located in Seroe Preto, just off the main road to San Nicolas in the town of Santa Cruz. It is home to a shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes and is considered a pilgrimage site for many Catholics. The grotto was built by Father Bernardus Dendys in 1951, who also helped build other Catholic churches in Aruba along with other religious sites in Aruba. Every year, on February 11 (feast of Lady of Lourdes), a procession leaves from the St. Theresita church in San Nicolas to the grotto, where a mass is performed.

Throughout its history, there have been several miracles said to have taken place at this site including healings from cancer patients who prayed here before their treatments began or after they had ended—all thanks to Our Lady’s intercession!

4. Frenchman’s Pass

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Frenchman’s Pass is a narrow passage on the island of Aruba that runs between coral cliffs above Spanish Lagoon. The pass is named after French pirates who attempted to attack Aruba in the early 17th century and were confronted by Indian resistance in this small path above Spanish Lagoon. According to legend, many Indians were murdered during the invasion, and residents near “Frenchman Pass” claim to hear crying noises from the Indians in the evening.

5. Natural Pool – Conchi

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The Natural Pool is Aruba’s most popular nature attraction. The world-famous site draws thousands of visitors every year who arrive in search of a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Located on a deserted stretch of coastline, dramatic shows of water spraying over the rock occurs on a regular basis as the tide rushes to shore. In a unique rock formation, volcanic stone circles a small depression, creating an idyllic natural pool that beckons swimmers and snorkelers back again and again!

The unusual beauty makes this picturesque spot one you want to share with friends and family, but not just anyone! Inexperienced drivers are encouraged to visit the pool on a Jeep Safari tour with your guide who will safely transport you through off-the-beaten path areas where only 4×4 vehicles can go.

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Aruba is a beautiful place with many amazing sights to see. It’s also not just beaches and resorts, there are plenty of other things to do while you’re here! The next time you visit Aruba, be sure to check out these secret gems so that your trip will be even more memorable than before, and don’t forget to explore our online inventory of Aruba vacation homes today to learn more about our fantastic rental selections and to start planning your next vacation!

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