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Fall Guide for Fishing in Aruba


Living in paradise definitely has its rewards, and even if you are only staying in Aruba for a week or so, benefitting from all that it offers is easy to do. Life moves at a slower pace here, and as you spend your days swimming, relaxing, diving, and maybe even fishing, your nights will be all that much sweeter when you spend them with Casiola Aruba. Offering luxury, comfort, and a simple style that makes you appreciate the natural beauty of our island nation even more, our homes are designed to pamper and spoil, offering up their secrets for each guest who resides under their roofs. Although there is so much to do during your stay, you may discover that fishing in Aruba tops the list of something wonderful. Sleep late and grab a pole and head to water’s edge for a morning of quiet contemplation or rent a charter and head out to the deep waters where adventures await. This guide to fall fishing in Aruba will ensure you don’t miss out on the catch of the day!

Deep Water Fish, No Waiting

When you think of great fishing areas, Aruba might not be one of the spots that comes to mind, but that’s ok. We are perfectly fine with the Bahamas getting the attention, as our visitors discover they can even catch trophy sized fish without having to spend hours of every day seeking deep waters. Honestly, the fewer people that know about the great fishing available here means there will be less crowds and more fish for our guests to catch! Head to the northeastern side of the island where waters can reach depths of up to 1000 feet and try your hand at catching blue or white marlin. Typically, these are found much further out in other fishing in Aruba regions, but in Aruba the deep waters can start about three feet from shore, so you won’t have to spend most of your day in transport, wasting valuable fishing time! Sailfish, growing up to 220 pounds at full maturity can be found in the shallower waters of the southern side of the island, and because Aruba is so small, you can actually travel to both sides in a short amount of time, seeking out both of these trophy fish! Other fish you can catch in the deeper waters that surround our island include blackfin and yellowfin tuna, grouper, snapper, and triggerfish. Catch your limit and bring it back to pretty much any of our local restaurants and the will clean and prepare your catch for you!

Inshore Fun

Fly fishing is a popular sport in the spring, summer, and fall, when the winds are gentler and there is less chance of them interrupting your cast. Although bonefish are more difficult to catch, this is known to be the best way to hook these delicious creatures! Barracuda are a common inshore fish, giving anglers a fight when on the line, but only from December through March. The smaller ones (under 3 feet long) are safe to eat and offer a strong fish taste. If a stronger fish taste is what you love, you can prepare barracuda in much the same ways you would other fish: pan searing, deep frying, or grilling to your taste. Tarpon fishing runs from October through February, and snook, rainbow runners, and jack are popular for anglers to catch year-round! Tarpon is edible, but most people prefer not to due to the strong aroma they emit and the number of bones that interfere with dining. Snook, on the other hand, is a delicious fish, and if you want to enjoy them with an island flair, pan fried snook served with noodles and a coconut broth is destined to be the dish you will be obsessed over! Jack is actually our favorite fish to dine on, offering a sweet taste that is not very fishy at all and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Fishing License Not Required

Aruba does not require tourists to obtain fishing licenses, so if you want to start each morning of your stay by walking out to the calm waters that beat against the shores where your Casiola Aruba vacation escape sits, be our guest! There is no more magical way of starting each day of your fall escape than with a pole in hand, a fish on hook, and the strong Aruba sun beating down on your shoulders. Even if you don’t get a single bite, the joy you will feel and the peace you will find in these moments will certainly make them the most memorable ones of your getaway. Reserve your favorite Casiola Aruba escape today! Contact us now.

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