The Best Places to Stay in Aruba

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The Best Places to Stay in Aruba


When it comes to scenic and inspiring vacation destinations to enjoy, the island of Aruba offers up all of the ingredients for an unforgettable journey. This Caribbean island is situated in waters just a few miles north of Venezuela, and while the country is no more than 20 miles long and 5 miles across, it’s an oasis of fun and beauty to be discovered by travelers from near and far! A trip this way puts you in the heart of an island culture where both Dutch and Papiamento are considered core languages, but English is widely spoken across the island as well. In fact, it’s common to come across many locals who speak no less than four languages—an impressive linguistic feat by all standards. That said, this open communication makes Aruba a welcoming place where it’s easy for travelers from across the map to get their questions answered and get around with ease. When visiting Aruba in the name of vacation, travelers will find that most restaurants and shops accept both the local currency, known as the florin, as well as the U.S. dollar.

The amazing weather in Aruba is a huge draw for travelers who are looking to make the most of time on the sand and soak up the sun in style. The island has a dry climate which leads to little rain and warm, mostly clear skies year-round. Sound good? Keep reading to find the best places to stay in Aruba!
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Sensational Landscapes to Discover When Booking a Stay

The rugged and breathtaking terrain that makes up the island of Aruba is endlessly appealing to travelers of all types. Between the sugar-white sands and emerald waters that lap the shore, it’s easy to see why first-time travelers end up longing to return year after year. No matter what type of travel experience you’re looking for, Aruba can offer it up with ease. While the west side of the island is relatively tranquil and more of a beach lover’s paradise, the northeast coast is brimming over with wild wonders. From volcanic stones and fierce waves and currents to unpaved roads that require ATV travel, each side of the island offers up an entirely different experience when it comes to exploration.

Activities Travelers Enjoy in Aruba Across a Variety of Locations

Those looking for Aruba places to stay do so with a diverse range of activities in mind to participate in during a visit. Fortunately, the island is happy to accommodate them all! Those with a passion for time in and on the waves often focus their experiences along the west side of the island to spend time diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, and sailing. This area is also packed with savory restaurants and casinos paired with a collection of beachside bars that are not to be missed!

Others come to Aruba with every intention of checking all major landmarks off their sightseeing list. It’s a fun way to embrace the best of an iconic trip to Aruba. From the California Lighthouse near Arashi Beach to the Casibari Rock Formation, there’s plenty to discover on the island. Other popular landmark attractions include Arikok National Park, Conchi, and the butterfly farm, just to name a few.

Then there are those that set their travel sights on Aruba to savor every possible second on the sand, sunbathing their way through a stay. For these travelers, the island is a haven of bronzed potential. Travelers are often thrilled to find out that all beaches in Aruba are public and the vast majority are equipped with a collection of convenient amenities that give every reason to stay all day. From activity huts and snack bars to jet ski rentals and snorkeling tours booked on the sand, Aruba’s beaches are designed to entertain and inspire.

Who Should Travel to Aruba?

In short…everyone! Aruba is a welcoming, beautiful, and fun vacation destination that’s just as suitable for a honeymoon as it is for those traveling in retirement or alongside family and friends. The clean and spacious beaches of the west coast, including Palm Beach and Eagle Beach, are ideal for enjoying an array of activities that are great for visitors of all interests and ages. The water on this side of the island is so calm that swimming is great for those stepping into the water for the first time or avid ocean-goers alike. Aruba even has a plethora of activities and attractions to offer those who head this way with a heart for history and culture. The capital of Oranjestad is often referred to as Caribbean Amsterdam thanks to its colorful collection of stunning colonial houses to admire. Traditional Caribbean restaurants dominate the Oranjestad landscape and when you’ve had your fill, you can join a historical walking tour or enjoy a self-guided look at the area’s abundance of historical sights. Oranjestad also hosts the island’s primary cruise port.

Where Exactly Should I Stay When I’m Here?

Aruba is an appealing and versatile destination at every turn, but with so many different activities and attractions available in different areas, knowing more about those places it’s possible to book a stay can help travelers decide what’s the best Aruba places to stay for them. Many travelers heading this way tend to break options down into a few primary destinations that are sure to always delight and keep them close to the fun. Not to mention opportunities to infuse luxury and scenery into the experience as well. From Tierra del Sol and LG Smith Boulevard to the Arashi Beach and Malmok areas, there are places to call your own during a stay that are inevitably unforgettable. Here, we’ll take a look at the specifics of the best places to stay in Aruba to consider before booking your getaway.
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Tierra del Sol

When a picturesque and restorative resort stay is just what you need to find your vacation state of mind, Tierra del Sol has everything you’re looking for and more. This inspired resort destination pairs elegant amenities with impeccable access to fun at every turn. It’s a private and pristine retreat complete with spa services, incredible pools, a great golf course and more than 600 acres of terrain to enjoy during your stay. Luxury villas dominate the Tierra del Sol landscape, providing an upscale vibe to embrace from the moment you arrive. Tennis is a particularly appealing activity to enjoy during a stay here, while guests will also enjoy options to make the most of savory on-site dining destinations and nearby shopping stops that offer up a boutique experience as well.

LG Smith Boulevard & Arashi Beach

If a sprawling vacation villa complete with high-end amenities and unsurpassed ocean views is your idea of exciting, then booking a stay near LG Smith Boulevard and Arashi Beach is a must! This vibrant area offers the best of both worlds, with visitors able to retreat into luxury on the sand or head out and explore the best of area shopping too. An LG Smith Boulevard stay comes with the added benefit of seamless access to island highlights as this boulevard runs from Arashi Beach down through Boca Catalina Beach, Malmok Beach, Hadicurari Beach and beyond.
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If staying close to the shoreline is what you crave, and you love the idea of being surrounded by an exciting area built around hospitality, Malmok is made for you. This area is extremely popular among visitors with a passion for getting in the water with a snorkel and making the most of adventures on the waves. It’s also a prime place for those travelers looking to enjoy time on the sand soaking up the sun in style. Places like Opal in the Malmok area offer up access to casinos as well when entertainment value is a priority. Booking area tours and boat charters is made simple when you set your sights on Malmok—not to mention the luxurious accommodations available that provide scenic views and tantalizing amenities that pair stunning scenery with luxurious upgrades and services.

The Downtown Area

Settle into the heart of culture, fun, and style when you decide to book your stay in the downtown area of Aruba. This is where the capital of Oranjestad is located as well. Those who can’t wait to make the most of sightseeing opportunities during their stay will find this area checks every box on the list. Oranjestad puts a firm focus on architecture, history, and options to walk your way to shopping and dining stops that are of interest. While the downtown area offers up a rather large city feel, you won’t have to go far to find yourself on the charming shorelines when you book here either. In many ways, it’s a place that offers up the best of both worlds!aerial view of vacation home backyard

Book Your Stay in Aruba Today with Casiola Aruba

No matter what area of Aruba you decide to settle in for a great getaway, partnering with Casiola Aruba when it’s time to find your ideal island vacation home can elevate your experience even further! At Casiola Aruba, we’re passionate about the places and people we serve. We know that making the most of this breathtaking island adventure starts with settling into the style, comfort, and convenience every guest deserves. We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind stays across Aruba for our guests and offer up a portfolio of property options to choose from that speak to an array of personal taste, style, and design preferences. Whether our guests are looking for a sprawling villa at Palm Beach or can’t wait to watch the world buzz by from a property downtown, we can help them get settled into a place that meets their needs and exceeds expectations at every turn too.

Whether you’re traveling to Aruba solo, as a couple on a romantic escape, or in the company of family and friends, we have the vacation home designed just for you. Many of our properties pair a sensational feeling of luxurious seclusion with access to amazing activities and attractions that define the Aruba experience from start to finish. Guests looking for spacious open designs across multiple luxurious levels of living space will find what they’re looking for and more within our lineup of villa and vacation home options across Aruba. Our properties provide an enhanced sense of luxurious living space for guests and often include floor-to-ceiling windows as well as spectacularly vaulted ceilings throughout. The combination of these features not only allows for that island sunshine to flood the floor plan at all times but offers up an unsurpassed vantage point on a breathtaking view too.


Tasteful island-inspired furnishings are found throughout our Aruba rentals, giving guests every reason to settle into the style they find from the moment they arrive. When you’re looking for upscale sofas and loveseats, cozy fireplaces, sprawling balconies overlooking the water, and bedrooms that make you feel like royalty, it’s all available through Casiola Aruba.

While dining out is a delight for those who visit Aruba, booking through Casiola Aruba also means enjoying the option to savor a home-style meal or two while you’re vacationing as well. Many of our vacation homes ad villas are equipped with gourmet kitchens on-site, providing a perfect place to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner when cravings come calling. While many guests enjoy creating meals themselves during a stay, a private in-home chef is always an option when you’re looking to embrace the best of luxurious island living during your stay. Gourmet kitchens in our properties often include everything from granite countertops and state-of-the-art appliances to custom cabinetry filled with cookware and options to book with center islands and extended breakfast bars too.

Luxury leads the way to an exceptional stay with Casiola Aruba. You’ll find our properties across Aruba feature inspired infinity pools and hot tub combinations, specific waterfront views, easy access to the beach and outdoor dining areas as well.

Your Island Adventure Awaits

There’s never been a better time to make the most of an Aruba-bound adventure. With so many amazing areas to book a stay with Casiola Aruba, it’s easier than ever to live your best island life! Browse our selection of properties online today and book an exciting escape to Aruba.

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