De Palm Island

Spend the day at the all-inclusive paradise of De Palm Island

What's going on in Aruba?

Life is just better in Aruba, the Caribbean’s Happiest Island. Spend your next getaway with Casiola vacation homes and immerse yourself in the warm sun and crystal clear waters. If you’ve ever fantasized about sunbathing on the sun-soaked balcony of a thatched-roof cabana situated above the Caribbean Sea as a waiter fills your glass with bubbling champagne, you’ll want to visit De Palm Island. An all-inclusive paradise that combines island leisure and adventure. The island is like a huge fun zone for all ages with an unlimited lunch buffet, an open bar, a snack area, snorkel gear, the new kids aqua play pool area, new thrilling body drop slides, and snorkel experiences, and endless banana boat rides!

Chill vibes with the flamingos


Here’s another reason to visit this lovely private island. A flock of beautiful Flamingos lives on De Palm Island in a protected area. They are mostly grey and pale pink, indicating that they are young. A small barrier has been placed around the lagoon where the flamingos eat to prevent visitors from touching them. However, you can still get close enough to the birds to take beautiful pictures, and some people choose to rent cabanas on this stretch of beach so they can enjoy the birds all day. Bring your camera and pose for some great photos!

Exclusive beach areas

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Make a beeline for the beach to snag a fantastic location under an umbrella, or treat yourself to a cabana! For those who wish to enjoy the island in a more private environment, De Palm Island offers beach cabanas, private cabanas, and premium seats.

Beach cabana

Beach cabanas in a roped-off, calmer beach area near the flamingos offer a sofa and dining area, stocked fridge, beach loungers, outdoor shower, and concierge service. the beach cabana is the ideal solution for you. Each beach cabana may comfortably fit up to twelve people and start at $210 per day.

Private cabana

Want to relax on the beach in a private setting with luxurious beds in one of the four private cabanas. You may relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of De Palm Island. Each private cabana has its own set of stairs going to the water, providing solitude and luxury for your ideal Caribbean beach day. Enjoy an outdoor shower, private entrance, and lounge chairs with cushions and towels. There’s also a fridge loaded with cool beverages, a bottle of chilled Prosecco, and a personal server who will bring you refreshing cocktails throughout the day.

Premium seating

Upgrade your beach experience with a premium seat! Enjoy peaceful relaxation and the company of a flock of friendly flamingos in this secluded beach area with a limited number of premium lounge chairs. Premium seating includes a private bar, comfortable beds, and a front-row view of the lovely Flamingos!

Kids play area and body drop slides

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Kiddos love the kid’s water parks, where they can fire water cannons, slide down slides, take underwater showers, and get soaked by a tilting bucket. Twist and swirl all the way down in one of the new stunning free-body slides, and take in the unique neon effects on each slide. Descend a dark, winding tunnel into a spinning pool for the adventurous.

Water Parks and Slides are included in the price of a De Palm Island entry ticket.

Water activities and more …

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Not had enough fun? If you can get yourself off of your comfortable lounger, for an extra cost, you may expand your De Palm Island adventure to include some of Aruba’s most exclusive water sports, such as SeaTrek and/or SNUBA®. De Palm Island also provides beach massages, hair braiding, temporary tattoos, and shopping at the Coconuts store, which is located on the island.

SeaTrek excursion

This experience lets you stroll the bottom of the ocean on a bespoke 375-foot path, 20 feet below the surface while wearing specially built diving helmets and get an up-close view of Aruba’s marine life.


Glide gently beneath the surface to see beautiful coral reefs and schools of exotic fish. SNUBA® is a safe family sport that is simple to learn. There is no need for prior diving or snorkeling expertise, and your fully trained SNUBA® guide will individually take you on an underwater tour of the stunning marine environment.

Book your Aruba vacation villa

De Palm Island is a must-do on your Aruba vacation. It’s easy to comprehend why De Palm Island is ranked one of the country’s top attractions, with its excellent choice of included activities, excellent dining options, and the ability to visit a gorgeous private island in Aruba. Expect to return to shore with sun-kissed skin, a happy smile… and a plethora of flamingo selfies. Browse and book your getaway below, or contact Casiola Aruba to help you locate the ideal Aruba vacation rental for your next trip to lovely Aruba.

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