While many come to Aruba to enjoy the legendary pristine beaches for a week or more, there are some who are only able to enjoy our beautiful island home for a day. Whether it be due to a rather long layover, or it being a stop on the cruise, it can be rather stressful to try to comb through the wealth of information regarding the various activities for one to partake in and see it all within such a short span of time. Fear not, for we have already done the hard work and put together an itinerary of Aruba things to do that are perfect for anyone having only a day to experience the natural beauty that is Aruba.

In the Morning: Off-Road Exploration

When a lot of people think of Aruba, they think of lying upon sandy beaches or lounging in the blue ocean waters. Few would think of off-roading when they think of this Caribbean paradise. However, you’ll be shocked to find out that Aruba has plenty to explore and see if you’re willing to take a few steps off the normal beaten track. You’ll find that Aruba has the perfect landscape to drive down as the salty air whips at your face and you feel your stomach lurch as the speed takes hold. However, it’s understandable that one might be more interested in sightseeing rather than pure speed and adrenaline; for those seeking this, you’re in luck, as there are several ATV tours offered on the island. For instance, you might enjoy Action Tours, which offer a range of ATV tours, many of which last around three hours, making it a perfect morning activity. With them you will also get to see eight of the hidden natural wonders the island holds. There is also Aruba Go Cherry, which offers ATV or UTV tours lasting around four hours. You’ll find they offer a wide range of tours, including a free water bottle and transportation to and from your lodging. No matter which tours you choose though, you’ll be seeing such wonders as Wish Rock Garden, Baby Bridge, The California Lighthouse and more!

For the Afternoon: Water Adventures

As would be expected, the pristine beaches of the island are full of fun things to do in Aruba for anyone looking to explore the mysterious depth of the oceans. However, if you’ve never dived before, fear not, for you’ll find plenty of instructional classes on the island to learn the basics of this much-loved hobby. If you are a beginner, check out all that there is to see on the south side, which also proves to be perfect for divers specializing in open water diving. The north side of the island proves to have a rather strong current, so it is suggested that more experienced water explorers tackle this part of the island. However, no matter where you finally decide to dive, you are sure to see a number of wonders ranging from eerie and fascinating wrecks such as the S.S. Antilla and the Pedernales Wreck to beautiful reef systems full of color fish and coral for you to explore and appreciate the beauty of the underwater world. You’ll even find dive tours perfect for those looking to learn more about that which lies before them. If scuba diving isn’t quite your thing, there is plenty to see with just a snorkel, ensuring that everybody can enjoy all the beauty and joy the water holds.

The Evening: A Sunset Dinner

You’ll find that the beautiful water and pristine beaches have a unique beauty, but it pales in comparison to the gorgeous and awe-inspiring sunsets you’ll find every evening. What’s more, there are no better Aruba things to do to enjoy the sights than while eating a romantic dinner as you look deep into your partner’s eyes. You’ll find many companies that offer special sunset tours that are perfect for the individual or couple looking for that picturesque dinner with the gold hues of the sunset as your background. If this is what you seek, you might enjoy Pelican Aruba Cruises, which offer a Dinner Cruise complete with welcome prosecco, a four-course dinner prepared by a private chef, and a premium open bar with a wide selection of wines and cocktails. Further, you might be intrigued by their Sunset Cruise, which has you sailing along Aruba’s coastline as you take in the sights of the setting sun. To top things off, you’ll find an unlimited open bar which is perfect for allowing you to relax with a good drink as you get lost in the sun’s dying rays. Further, you can purchase the optional three-course dinner for after sunset to ensure the pleasant evening lasts as long as possible.

If this sounds like the perfect way to spend a day, and you already find yourself lost in daydreams of sandy beaches and salty breezes, make sure book your stay with Casiola Aruba online today!