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It’s a safe bet to say that just about everyone enjoys the beach, whether they are lying upon the warm sands, allowing the warm sun to tan their bodies as they drift in and out of sleep, or are swimming and splashing in the cool waters as the push against you. However, the one downfall to this is that often times when we go to a beach, they can be so crowded that it’s hard to properly stretch out and relax. Well, for those who are looking for a bit of quiet and tranquility, make sure you read on regarding Andicuri Beach in Aruba!

The Hidden Gem

Andicuri Beach is one of those special places where you can go and escape the crowds that often form in such sought-after tourist destinations. Surrounded by limestone and coral-stone cliffs, this little bit of isolated heaven truly feels like your own private beach compared to the more well-known ones and stretches out 70 meters and crosses the span of 80, making it isolated but plenty big enough for the few with the insider knowledge of the beach’s existence. Keep in mind though, there is a good reason for its isolation; it can be fairly difficult to find and tends to be hidden amongst the bluffs that surround the area. However, if you find yourself at Natural Bridge, or near it, you are only a short walk from this hidden gem. Just search about 500 meters away from the collapsed bridge and you will find this quiet area to sit, relax, and be at peace without the constant clamor.

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Aspects of the Beach

As we have discussed, due to its location Andicuri Beach Aruba tends to be fairly quiet and isolated, considering the popularity of the area. However, the location offers several other advantages that make it an ideal place to visit while you’re exploring all that our special island has to offer. Due to the nature of the beach’s shape, it tends to have a rather strong current, which makes it an ideal spot for body surfers, boogie boarders, and kite surfers alike; in fact, the area hosts many different bodyboarding competitions every year. Though, due to the strong currents that make it ideal for bodyboarding and the likes, the current can prove to be too strong for many swimmers. It is highly encouraged that you only swim in its waters should you be an experienced swimmer with knowledge of how to work with such currents. Due to similar reason, we also discourage snorkeling as well.

Finally, while the spot has become more popular in recent years due to the isolated nature, it still is a favorite of many locals and a place where they can escape the busy bustling nature of tourists. So, please respect this bit of escape and make sure to do your part in ensuring this little spot of introspective tranquility is preserved for many years to come. You will find that despite these cautions, Andicuri Beach proves to be perfect for those seeking some quiet and time to oneself.

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