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Property Walkthrough: Villa Rossana

Property Walkthrough

Luxury doesn’t have to mean buttoned down and boring. It can be wild, free, and unfiltered, as proven by one of our most popular Casiola Aruba luxury villas, Villa Rossana. Offering everything you need in its 4-bedroom, 3-bath layout, plus many things you never dreamed it was possible to have in a vacation rental in Aruba. Its location on the sea gives you a home that is both tranquil and exciting! Your dreams will come true when your journey brings you to the tropical islands of Aruba, and because you sought out Casiola Aruba for your housing needs, we can promise that your time in paradise will be one filled with luxury, romance, and joy. Take a few minutes out of your busy day and peek into what could be your future with this guide to a home that has it all!

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Welcome to Aruba

The lifestyle we lead in Aruba is vastly different than your real life, and even when you are just visiting, you will adapt quickly! We are a laidback group of people, making relaxation and fun our top priority, and Villa Rossana is the perfect example, offering an indoor/outdoor lifestyle that will soon become your new obsession. From the front, this exciting 4500-square-foot vacation rental in Aruba may appear to have been lifted straight from the landscape of Tuscany, featuring a creamy stucco expanse topped with classic red tiles, but the cobblestone courtyard offers the first clue that this home may be different. Leading from the separate two-car garage to the wide portico, the sounds of the sea give forewarning that, no, you didn’t accidentally end up in Tuscany! Open the large wood doors and step into wonderful, leaving your bags by the door until you get through the very important business of exploring.

Tile floors lead the way to rooms that are wildly elegant. White walls with accents of sea blue, warm wood trims, and the delicate sparkle of a glass chandelier hanging over the living room give you your first hint that you have arrived in paradise! These are the rooms destined to bring you happy memories, and as you gather around the heavy wood table surrounded by leather chairs, the laughter and conversations you share will ring throughout the home. Unplug and play a board game in this space, teaching your children the value of relationships over tiny screens, and because the thoroughly modern kitchen lies just steps away, you won’t have far to go to get another beverage or to grab a bite. Offering a tile backsplash that goes from floor to ceiling, granite countertops in a dramatic black and gray, and state-of-the-art appliances, the modern conveniences will bring back the joy to your cooking experiences.

But wait! Villa Rossana is not so plebian as to offer just one space in which you can create gourmet meals; this sweet space offers a second kitchen in which the chef in your family can putter around, located outside. Featuring sea breezes and views of the ocean that promise to keep any thoughts of grumpiness at bay, this space will be just one of many that will make you fall in love! The outdoor kitchen boasts a wine refrigerator, a mini fridge, a dishwasher, and of course, a full-size barbecue that will bring excitement into the life of whomever gets to use it. Set up grilled fish dinners on the attached granite bar or feast to your heart’s content at the stone-topped patio table set up with 10 to 12 chairs while enjoying views of the white sand beach and crystal-clear waters of the sea located just steps away. Guaranteed to aid in the digestion of any meal eaten here, we won’t be surprised or hurt if you choose to skip the eat-in kitchen table or the formal dining room table inside and instead enjoy every meal right here in this spot!

After dinner climb into the jetted tub, offering a high back for added comfort, and soothe muscles that may be achy from your time spent maneuvering the canoes we have left for fun and enjoyment. If you can tear yourself away from the views, the water, (a ladder on the sun deck leads right down into the clear ocean waters) and the lounge chairs that are perfectly placed for sunset watching, sliding between the linens on our comfortable beds will be another activity you will look forward to every day. The bedrooms in Villa Rossana offer a simple décor, purposely done to let the views be the star and to ensure that each night’s sleep will be the best of your life!

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