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Property Walkthrough: Bird of Paradise Villa

Property Walkthrough

Aruba offers a special charm, a place where life moves at a slower pace and luxury is found in the beauty of beach days and romantic nights. When you choose our Bird of Paradise Villa for your vacation escape, you add the final ingredient to your vacation recipe of perfection. Offering four bright and spacious bedrooms, four spa-like baths designed to spoil, and that inexorable charm that reflects the wonder of our island nation, every minute spent inside will be the best minutes of your stay! This guide to the bewitching beauty and style of Bird of Paradise Villa will invite you to do more than just book a stay; it will offer a glimpse into a lifestyle of lavish luxury to which you will happily become accustomed!

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Palm Trees Swaying in the Breeze

Classic white stucco and red tile roofs greet guests upon their arrival, and although Bird of Paradise Villa isn’t the only vacation house in Aruba in the neighborhood, the palm trees surrounding the property, swaying in the ocean breezes, will give the feeling of peace, privacy, and seclusion. Double wood doors stand open, welcoming guests and the coolness of tropical breezes, inviting you to step inside and discover all the magic of this special vacation house in Aruba. Follow the pathway created by travertine tiles that feel cool and smooth beneath bare feet and fall in love. Walls painted in a crisp white help keep temperatures cool, no matter what the season, and the modern décor offers prove that sophistication can be comfortable and cozy as well!

Sink into the cushions of the soft grey sofas, resting your head against their backs to peek up at the tongue and groove wood planked ceilings accentuated with matching beams that add a touch of panache to a living room already filled with style. Behind you, a wall of windows and glass doors offer your first glimpse of what is destined to be the hub of all your vacation activity, but a state-of-the-art television hanging on the wall across from your perch does offer the chance to lose yourself in the drama on the screen.

The bright and modern kitchen, featuring sleek cabinets, high-end appliances, and cool stone counters is open to the rest of the house, ensuring that should you decide to create a meal in the space, you will never feel as if you are hidden away, separate from all the fun! The large center island, topped with stone counters, offers the perfect spot for up to six members of your traveling party to sit, chat, and perhaps sip a cool tropical drink while keeping the cook of the day company. Just beyond the kitchen, the large dining area offers a table that will seat all the members of your traveling party, providing a place to sit and plan your Aruba adventures each morning, play games each night, or construct complicated puzzles at any time of the day—in between enjoying the meals prepared in the fully equipped kitchen, of course!

When the sky darkens at night and the stars begin to twinkle, slipping between the silky soft linens on our premium mattresses offers a luxury that you may not often get to experience back home. Each of our rooms are designed to ensure that your sleep is deep and uninterrupted in rooms that are cozy and peaceful. The master suite with its ensuite bath offers a patio overlooking the pool, while the bath features thoroughly modern fixtures, including an angular soaking tub just waiting to take away any aches and pains you may be feeling!

Step Outside and Be Happy

As beautiful and welcoming as the interior of our Bird of Paradise Villa is, take one step out into the courtyard area and you will never want to go inside again! A second kitchen with a barbecue grill, mini fridge, and sink is where evening meals can be prepared, and a covered dining area helps keep the party going as you swim, soak in the hot tub, or catch some rays while lounging on chaises that surround the pool and spa. A grassy area on the side of the property offers a fun place for the kids to play with the plastic toys we have stored for your use, and the views of the marshland from the patio will bring a new kind of peace to your soul. The sandy shores of Aruba’s most popular beaches are close enough to the home that you may be able to fall asleep to the sounds of the waves crashing against the beach, or at the very least, when you tire of practicing your cannonballs in the pool, it can be reached without very much effort, ensuring your Aruba getaway is one that you will never forget.

Reserve Bird of Paradise Villa today and enjoy all that Aruba has to offer!

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