villa in aruba
villa in aruba

Property Walkthrough: Boca Catalina Beach Villa

Property Walkthrough

A good vacation home will shelter you from the elements and provide a soft place to land after days spent exploring new areas. A great vacation home, a Casiola Aruba vacation sanctuary, will become an integral part of your getaway. Offering warmth, welcoming, and a place to laugh, love, play, and relax, every one of our Aruba homes are special, including our Boca Catalina Beach Villa! Featuring 5 luxurious and relaxing bedrooms and 4.5 spacious and spa-like baths, this special property is known and loved for its resort lifestyle and its proximity to the sea. The ocean views will draw you in, but the comfort and style found inside Boca Catalina will make you fall in love and wish that you could spend your life underneath its grand, red-tiled roof. This guide to Boca Catalina’s beauty and charm will show you exactly how a dream come true looks!

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Elegance and Comfort

A house can be elegant but not comfortable, or comfortable but not elegant, but we at Casiola Aruba have managed to combine both elegance and comfort into our Boca Catalina Beach House! Walk through the oversized wood doors with S-shaped windows and begin to live the luxe life this amazing estate has to offer. Sink into plush sofas strategically placed in front of a super-sized television and surrounded by walls of windows that bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

Come together as a family in the dining spaces, dominated by a large wood table overlooking the private pool in the backyard, and play games, enjoy conversation, and dine on meals you prepare in the fully equipped kitchen located just steps away. Vacations are about exploring new locations and trying new foods, and if your family, like ours, enjoys a really good meal, there are many dining areas throughout this estate where you can do so, such as a small table tucked away from the rest of the space and larger tables located on the concrete patio on the other side of glass walls. Sip mimosas poolside, snack on breakfast frittatas with your special someone at the small round table, or gather at the granite topped breakfast bar in the gourmet kitchen and enjoy a taste of chocolate as you watch someone else prepare the evening’s meal!

Each of the 5 bedrooms found inside this special villa in Aruba is decorated in its own incomparable style, featuring premium beds where sleep comes easily and views that will make you realize that you definitely made the right choice in deciding on Aruba as your vacation destination. Walk up the wood stairs, holding onto elegant metal railings, to discover more spaces designed to make living easy and comfortable, including another dining table and a seating area offering a white leather couch and ottoman tucked away into an alcove that offers floor-to-ceiling views of the ocean which is literally located across a small street.

More bedrooms can be found on this level, offering rooms that you will thrill to retreat to at the end of a day filled with exciting Aruba adventures, and when you slip under the silky soft linens, sinking into a deep sleep, you will know that at last you have found paradise! Private balconies are where you will sip wine while watching the sun sink into the sea and spa-like bathrooms offer room-sized showers with waterfall showerheads and jetted soaking tubs just because we feel you can never experience enough luxury! Because even in paradise you may find yourself wanting to watch a little television before falling asleep to dream of adventures, every bedroom offers its own television, allowing you to channel surf to your heart’s content.

The Spoiling Continues

Even as you wake every morning feeling spoiled and pampered, this generousvilla in Aruba has so much more to offer! Morning swims in the private pools start your day out just right, but so do walks along the shoreline at sunrise. Located just across the way, the sugar white sands and turquoise waters offer a postcard picture perfection that will worm its way into your heart. Hold fancy dinners under the stars, lounge on chaise lounges by the pool working on your tan, or walk along the shore’s edge, seeking lighthouses and rainbows after a summer storm. Every minute of every day you spend in our Boca Catalina Beach Villa is guaranteed to be filled with fun, fantasy, and fabulousness!

Aruba Is for Adventurers

Our Boca Catalina Beach Villa is for everyone! Reserve this special estate today and discover the joys that lie within.

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