aruba restaurant anno 1877

Restaurant Anno 1877 in Aruba

We all enjoy the wonderful flavors of a good old-fashioned home-cooked meal, not to mention the natural warmth that each bite seems to bring to one’s soul. Every now and then, a restaurant comes around that understands the raw power of handmade entrees and truly takes the time to make sure that no part of your food knows the inside of a microwave. Restaurant Anno 1877 Aruba is one of these places, and you are sure to fall in love with it just as so many have before you!

The Restaurant

Located in a beautiful historic 18th-century building, you are sure to love the warm, welcoming, and rustic charm of this hidden eatery. The classy and elegant interior is sure to create the perfect atmosphere, whether it be a quiet family meal or an intimate dinner between you and your partner. Further, you’ll find that Restaurant Anno 1877 doesn’t just want to be a restaurant that is stagnant and always the same old, same old. For this reason, you’ll find that the menu is based seasonally, using the freshest of ingredients, so every time it is almost like you are there for the first time. Further, you’ll find they host several special events such as a Sunday brunch and a five-course Christmas dinner for those looking to escape the nightmares of a kitchen on Christmas day. Finally, some of the menu items and the flavors therein can only be found on this island. You’ll find your meal might take a bit to arrive, but this is because every part of every meal is made from scratch the moment you order it. There are no premade soups lying upon a stove with an occasional ladle full being spooned into a bowl for a hungry diner; your soup will be made from the ground up only when it’s specifically ordered.

Hints of the Menu

The French-inspired menu at Anno 1877 Aruba offers a wide selection of delicious options. You’ll find the classic and elegant tuna tartare, as well as beef carpaccio and duck liver. You’ll also find tastes of the coast in the form of perfectly cooked crab and lobster, or you can be adventurous and try some escargot! Make sure you at least try a bite of the deliciously spicy and flavorful scampi or their flaky grouper. However, if those don’t get your mouth watering, maybe you will be intrigued by their perfectly cooked rack of lamb, or possibly the juicy duck breast or veal. You might also enjoy their black angus sirloin with a perfectly charred outside trapping in the succulent juices within. After you feast upon these and other fine options, make sure you sample the dessert menu which includes a dark chocolate cake served alongside strawberry parfait with marinated strawberries and chocolate, as well as an oven-baked apple tart. If these don’t get your sweet tooth tingling, make sure you check out the fluffy and delicious souffle or the crisp, yet creamy crème brulee.

While you are staying in Aruba, make sure you don’t do yourself an injustice by missing out on the chance to enjoy the delectable and warm flavors of truly 100% home-cooked food, all enjoyed within a beautiful and rustic dining area. If you are curious to learn more about Restaurant Anno 1877 or want to know about other places to satisfy a rumbling stomach, make sure you contact Casiola Aruba and book your stay today!