The Ultimate Winter Aruba Getaway

The Ultimate Winter Aruba Getaway

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When you’re the type of traveler that finds their vacation state of mind most easily in places where the sun is hot, the sand is beautiful and the waves are an alluring shade of blue, then an Aruba getaway is just right for you! Brimming over with beautiful beaches, towering palm trees, and a collection of shops and eateries that are sure to inspire, the island of Aruba is a place that truly has something for everyone. This year, when you’re looking to leave the snow, and all thoughts of plummeting temperatures behind, make time to enjoy a well-deserved getaway to Aruba in the wintertime. The following is the ultimate winter getaway plan that will help you elevate the fun and exceptional adventure every day of your winter stay!

Aruba Winter Beach

Day 1

Starting your seven-day trip to Aruba in the wintertime comes with the wonderful realization that you don’t have to focus exclusively on winter activities! Because Aruba enjoys spectacular and warm weather year-round, there’s no reason you can’t relish a beach day which is exactly how you should kick things off as soon as you arrive. While there is a vast array of options to choose from when it comes to enjoying time on the sand across Aruba, there’s no reason not to begin your sunny adventures on some of the most iconic beaches here including Eagle Beach and Palm Beach.

Eagle Beach is a beautiful place to dig your toes into the sand and enjoy some well-deserved tranquility paired with breathtaking views. It’s a destination worth getting to early in the day to make the most of the fun whether your plans include spending as much time as possible soaking up the sun, or you’re looking forward to building sandcastles with the kids. Either way, you’re guaranteed great sand and gorgeous blue waves to admire for the entire time you’re here.

Palm Beach is your next stop today when you’re ready to trade the quiet tranquility of Eagle Beach for the vibrant, higher-energy entertainment that awaits here. Palm Beach is arguably the most popular stretch of shoreline in all of Aruba and boasts 2 miles of high-rise lined sand to explore. Many who come to enjoy time on the beach here pair their sunbathing with swimming, parasailing, snorkeling, and of course, checking out the many exciting restaurants and shops nearby as well.

After all of the fun under the sun, there’s a good chance you’ve worked up quite an appetite. Make sure you have a reservation in place for a meal enjoyed at Wilhelmina’s this evening. Here, you can settle into a luxurious dining space complete with open-air ceilings and lush greenery throughout. The menu is made to inspire with options ranging from seafood to steak and pasta too. Whatever you do, don’t overlook their inviting wine selections to top off your evening in savory style.

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 Day 2

The second day of your seven-day winter adventure to Aruba is going to begin with some artistic inspiration. You’ll head over to the neighborhood of San Nicolas to enjoy viewing the many street art murals that adorn this destination. In total, there are more than 30 colorful murals that decorate this locale and they’re loved for the vibrant energy they bring to the scenery. They’re so beloved that they’ve inspired an annual Art Fair in the area where artists can create even more pieces specially for the mural walls of San Nicolas.

Once you’ve had your fill of artsy fun, it’s time to hop onboard a catamaran cruise and take to the waves in style. There are a variety of local companies that help guests book customized outings on the water that range from casual sails to luxurious yacht experiences complete with onboard dining.

After you’ve enjoyed time on the waves, soaking up the sights or many even making it a sunset sail, make time for Happy Hour at Beach Bar between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm. This delightful place for drinks and pre-dinner snacks is found on Divi Beach and offers a great Happy Hour menu as well as beautiful views to end your evening in a scenic and satisfying manner.

Aruba Winter Jeep Tour

Day 3

Day three in your Aruba getaway this winter calls for some adrenaline-pumping fun! That’s why you’re going to rent a Jeep through the team at Aruba Jeep Tour and explore the island terrain at a breathtaking pace. This backcountry adventure is truly one-of-a-kind and a fantastic way to see the island at its best. While you’ll have options to visit well-known destinations on the itinerary like Aruba’s Natural Pool and Natural Bridge, some routes are more off-the-beaten-path as well. The California Lighthouse is included on many itineraries adding to the fun of this experience even further. When you book your Jeep tour, be sure to pack a cooler, snacks, sunscreen, and a towel.

After the off-roading fun, making your way to Salt & Pepper for dinner is a must. This Aruba staple is as fun as it is delicious thanks to the variety of tapas they serve up in an inviting open-air setting. Pick a spot on the outdoor patio and don’t overlook the opportunity to enjoy a plate of mahi mahi and mouthwatering baby back ribs! If you want to stick exclusively with tapas, you’ll have more than 10 options to choose from so there’s sure to be something everyone in your crew loves.

Day 4

Today is a day to be inspired by the beauty of nature and there’s no better place to begin than the Butterfly Farm. Located near Palm Beach across from the Aruba Divi Phoenix, the Butterfly Farm provides visitors with the unique experience of encountering stunning colors and creatures all in one place! As you make your way into the tropical garden, you’ll find it’s teeming with beautiful butterflies that hail from regions around the world. A trip this way is a chance to admire the butterflies and also learn more about their intriguing life cycle. Tours are available upon request for those looking to learn more about metamorphosis. This is a great day-four stop for island visitors of all ages, and it’s recommended that you arrive early to see some of the newer butterflies emerging from their chrysalis.

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Next, you’ll head to Aruba’s Arikok National Park for a day filled with exploration and new discoveries. This isn’t hard to achieve here as Arikok National Park is massive and encompasses nearly 20% of the entire island with much of it located on the eastern coast. A visit to Arikok National Park is a chance to enjoy varied landscapes ranging from coastlines to rugged desert hills. The park also hosts cactuses, beaches, an array of flora and fauna as well as caves to explore. Some of the top attractions in the park include Fontein Cave and the natural pool. You can also enjoy time on the hiking trails during a visit. A great way to get around the park is with a 4×4 vehicle following the main paved road or taking to off-road paths.

This evening, enjoy some well-earned downtime at Sopranos which is a beloved island piano bar that’s vibrant and welcoming. Afterward, there’s an opportunity to enjoy time at the nearby Hilton Garden Casino which sits just across the street.

Aruba Winter Oranjestad

Day 5

The fifth day of your winter trip to Aruba will start with time enjoyed in the island’s capital of Oranjestad. This area is the perfect mix of history and modern retail therapy. Pick and choose between hopping in and out of high-end name-brand stores or taking time to stroll and admire the delightful and colorful Dutch colonial architecture throughout. Oranjestad is brimming over with savory stops to enjoy as well as souvenir shops and galleries to check out.

After your trip through Oranjestad, keep the historical theme for the day going strong with a visit to the island’s Bushiribana Ruins. These date back to a historic 19th-century gold mill that functioned along the northern coast of Aruba. Dating back to 1825, the ruins are designed from natural stone that held up well for the 10 years the mill operated during the island’s gold rush. 3 million pounds of gold are thought to have been produced in Aruba during this time, making a lasting impact on the island’s story, legacy, and economy.

Tonight, make time for a dinner at The Local Store. It’s a top island locale for great burgers and chicken wings enjoyed in a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Situated near Palm Beach, The Local Store also has a variety of beers to choose from and the Boom Boom wings on the menu come highly recommended.

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Day 6

On day six of your adventure, it’s time to circle back around to a beach day and enjoy some quality time on the sand at Baby Beach. This is a wonderful way to spend time under the sun unwinding and relaxing with a tropical drink in hand. The beach is part of a half-moon lagoon and is popular among locals and visitors alike.

Once you’re satisfied with your sunbathing session, you can make your way to nearby Rum Reef which is just down the road. Here, you’ll have prime access to a beautiful infinity pool and some unforgettable views!

When cravings come calling after all of that time swimming and soaking up the rays, Zeerover’s is your perfect dining option for tonight. This popular seafood restaurant is found in Savaneta and is known and loved for its menu featuring the very best of fresh seafood around. The setting here is relaxed and scenic, with a pier-based dining room with built-in great views. Feel free to prepay at the counter and then wait for the staff to bring your selection. Specials vary daily and you can’t go wrong picking a picnic table by the water to enjoy your meal. Whether you go for the red snapper, grouper, or shrimp, your tastebuds are in for a treat.

Aruba Winter Fishing

Day 7

On the last day of your winter Aruba getaway, you’re going to want to savor time out on the waves. Consider how fun and refreshing it might be to book a deep sea fishing charter on day seven that puts you in a prime place to reel in amazing catches alongside a local, friendly, and experienced guide. A great option for doing just that is partnering with the team at Carla Charters. These fishing outings can be customized according to your preferences and angling skill level with ease. Whether you’re looking to make it a challenge or you want a friendly-friendly outing, they’re happy to accommodate. They even filet your fish right off the dock at Lucy’s Aruba afterward if you ask them to!

Many times, these charters are full-day outings which means you’ll likely be more than ready to dine in style when you’re back on land. That’s where a trip to Barefoot comes in. This welcoming dining destination is a toes-in-the-sand stop to celebrate a great winter getaway to Aruba. You’ll enjoy cloth-covered tables on the beach complete with elegant lighting and views over the Caribbean Sea too. It’s a picture-perfect place to end your journey on a savory and exceptional note.

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