High-End design isn’t just for high-end properties: Upping your rental’s home decor game

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High-End design isn’t just for high-end properties: Upping your rental’s home decor game

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Guests choosing a vacation rental over a hotel or resort are looking for more space, more privacy and more conveniences. They don’t want to sacrifice style and design for function, however. When thinking of must-have vacation rental amenities, beautiful decor may not even register as a priority. But a property’s decor helps set the tone for the stay, creating a warm atmosphere that welcomes guests. Casiola’s expert design team is ready to offer tips and assistance in creating an updated, upgraded and unequaled space for guests. Here’s some ways that Casiola can take your rental from blah to beautiful.

Adding durable but stylish furniture pieces

Thanks to retailers like IKEA and Wayfair, we can outfit your home in  inexpensive and durable furniture that looks great too. Just because it can stand up to the wear and tear of guests, doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. Numerous furniture options exist that combine the best of all worlds – durability, affordable price and good looks. While you want the furniture to look good, we suggest erring on on the side of classic design to appeal to most of your guests. Or, we can create a healthy mix of classic and contemporary, such as using a traditional sectional sofa and pairing it with two mid-century modern chairs. Nice-looking furniture looks great in your rental photos too, giving guests a preview of your property.

Pick neutral colors

A more neutral color scheme will appeal to the majority of people and looks great in rental pictures. Thankfully, neutral doesn’t just mean beige. From grays to creams to browns, neutral colors can take a warm or cool feel, depending on the style of the rest of house. Using more neutral colors in the design also makes it easier to update to a new look. Just add in new accent pieces — a few new throw pillows here, a new comforter there.


Add pops of color through accessories

To bring some personality to the space, our design team likes to add pops of color through throw pillows, rugs and artwork. Wayfair, along with Overstock.com, Target and Home Goods, are great places to find luxurious looking decor. Accessories can also go a long way to making each space feel more homey and cozy. Keep a basket in the living room with warm throws and stock the entertainment center with books and games the guests can use. You could also put accessories in your home that speak to the location. Many of Casiola’s bedrooms, for example, have a Disney or Universal Studios-related theme like Princesses, Star Wars or Harry Potter.


Focus on the kitchen

Just like at home, the kitchen will most likely be the gathering spot in every vacation rental. Along with being functional, the kitchen should look good too. Thankfully, it’s easy to take a kitchen from so-so to gourmet. Use solid-surface countertops like quartz or granite and replace builder-grade cabinets with updated ones in white or dark cherry. Adding stainless steel appliances can also make your kitchen feel upgraded. Not all upgrades have to be expensive, however. Install a tile backsplash for a custom look and add up-to-date lighting like pendant lights.

Don’t forget the bedrooms and bathrooms

Give your guests the luxurious hotel treatment with solid white bedding in high thread counts. Like with the other rooms, you can add personality and style with throw pillows and blankets. Guests love an armchair or bench for late-night reading or just to put their shoes on when getting ready. Choose a beautiful headboard to anchor the room — tufted and platform styles are both classic and trendy. Give the bathrooms a spa feel with soft towels and robes for guests to use during their stay. Upscale toiletries also bring a wow factor to the bathroom.  

Want some help with spicing up your vacation home?

The Casiola Owner team is happy to assist you! Call us: +1 321-284-8400 or via email: owners@casiola.com

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