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Celebrate a Caribbean Christmas

What's going on in Aruba?
Bon Pasco – Merry Christmas! Aruba is a beautiful island to celebrate a Caribbean Christmas or New Year’s Eve. It’s warm and sunny year-round, which is perfect for a tropical getaway. Aruba offers plenty of activities and the weather is always nice. You can enjoy an exciting vacation while still taking time to relax in paradise! Staying in one of our fantastic Casiola Aruba vacation homes allows you to reconnect with family or close friends during the holidays.

Christmas Aruba Style

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Aruba is a Caribbean island with a Dutch heritage. The island’s name means “the Happy Island” and that’s exactly what you will find there. The population of Aruba is made up of mostly Dutch, Venezuelan, and Colombian people. Aruba has a tropical climate but it is generally cooler than other islands in the Caribbean due to its proximity to South America where most clouds gather on their way over from Brazil.

Aruba celebrates Christmas three times, especially for children! They are the happiest this time of year. This is why. Sinterklaas, the Dutch equivalent of Santa Claus, will pay them a visit on December 5th and bring them toys and sweets. Then, on December 25th, Santa Claus will pay them a visit and bring them presents under a Christmas tree. On January 6th, the Three Kings will visit the good boys and girls and leave them gifts at the Nativity scene.

Why is it a good idea to celebrate a Caribbean Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Aruba?

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Aruba is a tropical island that has a wonderful climate, with warm and sunny days. The average temperature during the Christmas period is 29C/84F. Aruba is also a safe and secure island with no crime, making it ideal for a family holiday.

The Caribbean region has become renowned for its twinkling lights, which can be seen in many towns around the world over the Christmas season. There are plenty of places to go on Aruba where you can experience this unique atmosphere at its best!

What about a Caribbean Christmas vacation?

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If you want to celebrate Caribbean Christmas on a tropical island, Aruba is a great vacation spot for you. Aruba has a lot to offer for all ages, from beaches and activities to history and culture.

Aruba is known for its beautiful beaches and warm waters. It also has many attractions for visitors of all ages, such as shopping malls with an array of boutiques and restaurants, casinos, golf courses, horseback riding tours, hiking trails through the desert landscape, relaxing on an all-inclusive island, snorkel and sail trips at Aruba’s famous shipwrecks where you can swim with sea turtles, submarine adventures, jeep tours and many more!

Caribbean Christmas food in Aruba

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Aruban cuisine is a blend of Dutch, African, and Spanish influences. The island’s location in the Caribbean Sea also contributes to its unique flavor profile. Arubans love fruitcake so much that it’s served when family comes to visit. For them, the treat will be a black cake called bolo preto, which is infused with brandy and fruit liqueurs, and loaded with dried fruits and spices like cinnamon sticks or cloves.

Authentic Aruban foods include pistachio cake and pan de jamon (ham bread). Pumpkin soup is especially popular during Christmas in Aruba, turkey may be served in some households but ham is clearly the most-requested main dish at Christmas dinner tables across the island. A Dutch treat that makes its way onto the holiday table is oliebollen (oil balls), small deep-fried balls of dough similar to a beignet or doughnut but made from cooked potato rather than flour so it has an almost creamy texture inside with a crunchy exterior shell when fried correctly, just like donuts do!

Aruba Christmas traditions: Lights and decorations

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The first thing that comes to mind is the lights. Aruba has a lot of them and they are everywhere, especially during Christmas time. The island is also decorated in many different ways, from balloons and gift boxes to Christmas trees adorning roundabouts. This adds to the festive atmosphere on the island. If you’re lucky enough to be on holiday with your family or friends, there’s no better way for you all to enjoy this time than by going on a drive around Andiamo Boulevard (located near Oranjestad) where most of the houses are located in this area use their rooftops as a canvas for displaying beautiful decorations while others prefer setting up Christmas trees and lights outside their homes!

One thing that makes Arubian Christmases so special is that all roundabouts have a theme which they decorate according to every year (e.g., animals last year). Andiamo Boulevard itself also has several themes like animals or flowers every year!

Aruba New Year traditions 

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The night before the New Year celebration, there are several events taking place across Aruba. The Dutch tradition of “oudejaarsavond” (new year’s eve) is held at Fort Zoutman where locals and tourists alike gather for an evening full of music, drinks, and food until late into the night. To start off festivities crowds gather to watch as fireworks explode from nearby beaches as well as from boats in the water.

The streets of downtown Oranjestad are engulfed in smoke and noise as pagaras (long strings of Chinese firecrackers) are laid out and ignited to scare away evil spirits so that a clean start can be made for both people and animals alike.

Book your Caribbean Christmas trip now with Casiola Aruba

Aruba is a great place to celebrate Christmas. With its warm weather and sandy beaches, Aruba has much to offer in terms of activities for the whole family. Whether you want to enjoy some time at the beach or spend some quality time in your private Casiola Aruba vacation rental playing board games and having fun with your kids, Aruba has it all! We wish you a Merry Christmas in Aruba!

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