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Please specify the number of guests who are joining. Max. 3 different dishes per course.

About Private Chef Griet Vanbrabant

Griet Vanbrabant is a Belgian chef with a true passion for food. She refined her talents and skills working in international award winning restaurants all over the world such as 3-michelin-star restaurant El Bulli – Spain, Rockpool – Australia and Pujol – Mexico. Working for luxury hotel group Aman in Turks and Caicos Islands, Laos, Dominican Republic and Italy she developed her passion for personalized cooking for high profile guests.

Griet’s cooking starts with a feeling of respect for the ingredients she’s working with. A handpicked selection of the best produce of farmers’ markets will be the inspiration in diverse dishes. By supporting the farmers she wants to contribute to promote sustainability and to create awareness of the quality of food. She combines her gastronomic background and international expertise with the nutritional knowledge in creating unique experiences for her guests.

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MAX 3 different dishes per course
Creamy lobster soup with a touch of French brandy
Your choice of salad. Classic ceasar with anjovis or mixed greens with home-made vinegar dressing
French tuna tartar with fresh grilled tuna, wasabi mayonaise and wakame salad
Grouper and shrimp marinated in lemon and lime juice, cilantro and red onions
Thin sliced marinated Angus, beef with roasted pine-nuts, tomatoes, Parmesan and truffle crème
Goat cheese in filo served on a mix of local greens and red fruit compote
Escargots in creamy sauce with mushrooms, garlic, onions and herbs
Shrimp and zucchini in a light spicy tomato cream sauce baked in the oven with Parmesan
Our traditional crab cake recipe, veganized with vegan tartare sauce
Pan-fried sweetbreads with caramelized apple, balsamic reduction and truffle sauce - Additional price $10 p.p
Seared goose liver on a brioche with goose liver truffled pathe and red fruits - Additional price $20 p.p

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MAX 3 different dishes per course
Pan-fried Corvina in olive oil with grilled jumbo shrimp and a white wine sauce
Fresh Chilean salmon filet covered with a crunchy green herbs crust and saffron sauce
Spiked with Cajun spices seared over high heat till medium rare served with soy and a spicy papaya sauce
8oz Grilled US Angus beef served with a red wine truffle sauce and portobello or prepared Rossini style
Our hearty vegan version of traditional French “fish stew” of eggplant, chickpeas and vegan fish filet
Wing on chicken breast marinated in Caribbean spices and fried on the skin, served with Dijon mustard sauce
10oz marinated Angus skirt steak, served with gouda cheese dip
Duck breast, seared on the skin with mango sauce and chocolate drizzle
Slow braised wild boar shank in its own gravy, served with red cabbage risotto
Creamy red beet risotto with sautéed mixed mushrooms, with Parmesan shaves and mesclun
24oz Dover Sole served in butter with lemon and parsley - Additional -market price-
Grilled or broiled with butter and lemon - Additional -market price-

All main courses are served with seasonal vegetables
Side order choice: * (truffle) mashed potatoes * sweet potato wedges *risotto *pasta *

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MAX 3 different dishes per course
A white and dark chocolate mousse
Caramelized pineapple with cinnamon on a pastry crust with vanilla bourbon ice cream and a dark caramel sauce
Vanilla bourbon creme classically served with a crispy caramel top layer and a quenelle of blueberry fruit sorbet
A la minute baked chocolate cake with a soft center and served with butterscotch ice cream and almonds
Home-made cheesecake with a touch of lime and a maracuya ice cream, a ginger snap crust and a red fruit coulis
Mango bourbon creme classically served with a crispy caramel top layer and a blueberry fruit sorbet
Home-made Vegan Guava cheesecake, with cashew nuts and a mix of exotic red fruits

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