adventures in aruba
adventures in aruba

Winter Adventures in Aruba

Things to do in Aruba

When you peek out the windows of your home deep in the thick of winter, what sights do you expect to see? Will there be palm trees swaying in gentle breezes and visions of turquoise waters crashing against sandy beaches? Will your neighbors be tanned and smiling, and will the sun be shining down from overhead? If your answer to these questions is a sad and dejected no, it’s time to flip the script! A trip to Aruba can change everything, allowing you to spend at least a part of your cold and dreary winter living in the lap of luxury in one of Casiola Aruba’s eternal summertime private escapes. Pack your flip flops, t-shirts, and swimsuits, and forget what it means to be cold as you play, swim, and explore our section of paradise. This guide to the winter Aruba adventures you can have when you choose to run away to Aruba will have you questioning why you didn’t think about doing this sooner!

A Picnic in December

When you woke up today, facing another gray day of cold and gloom, who would have thought that in just a few weeks you would be able to enjoy a luxury picnic in the sun? The Original Picnic Popup provided by Picnic Aruba offers a variety of beachfront picnics ranging from a simple breakfast to the ultimate in romantic Proposal Picnics (the sweet vibe of beach life is made even sweeter when enjoyed with a delicious meal and champagne). Also offering professional photographers for an additional fee to commemorate your special picnic, Picnic Aruba has certainly upped the picnic game and is destined to be an important part of your winter vacation in Aruba! Pick your favorite picnic here.

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Under the Sea

Snorkeling and scuba diving are fun ways to explore the undersea world, and chances are you have both expeditions on your bucket list, but if you really want to try something unusual, how about booking a submarine adventure? De Palm Submarine Adventures offers the ultimate in sea experiences, and as you explore the beauty that is under the water, you will be comfortable, cool, and best of all, dry! Diving down 130 feet in a real submersible that is Coast Guard approved, the tour lasts approximately an hour and a half and takes you by shipwrecks and natural reefs. It is also child friendly as long as your child is at least 36 inches in height. Book your exciting adventure here.

Exploring the Island

The best way to get to know the place you are visiting is by starting out with a tour of its hot spots, and an A to Z Island Tour offered by De Palm Island Tours is perhaps the first thing you should book for your Aruba getaway. This tour lasts 7 hours, but the air-conditioned bus takes guests to some of the island’s most fantastic places, including the California Lighthouse, the Bubali Bird & Turtle Sanctuary, and even to Baby Beach for a snorkeling stop, so even if you are worried that you are using up an entire day of your vacation, trust us when we say that this tour is definitely worth the time! Water, lunch, and snorkel gear are included with the price of the tour, which can be easily booked here.

A Little Closer to the Excitement

Bus tours are fun, but if you want to soak up the warm winter sunshine, an off-road jeep tour offered by Action Tours may be just the fun you need in your island life! Featuring half-day and full-day tours that will bring you to many of the same places mentioned above, the trip takes you through the rugged Aruban outback and culminates with a visit to one of our favorite swimming holes, so don’t forget your suit! Book your adventure here.

Stay Jolly

Because snorkeling and sailing are the best part of island life, Jolly Pirate Tours offer a variety of tours aboard a colorful pirate ship lasting two, three, or even four hours. The schooners you will be sailing on are 85-foot teakwood vessels built for fun on the sea, and as you snorkel or swim in the warm waters that surround Aruba, you will know that you have found your own personal heaven! Bring an underwater camera and take photos of the reefs, colorful sea creatures, and the German Freighter, the Antilla, lying on the bottom of the sea since WWII. Sit and sip at the bar or jump into the tranquil waters by using the rope swing attached to the pirate ship. The fun never ends on Jolly Pirate tours, and you can book your adventure here.

Reserve Your Favorite Casiola Aruba Escape Today

Your favorite Aruba adventures are destined to be experienced during the winter season. Book your Aruba rental property with us online today and make your dream winter getaway a reality!

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