Papi's Day

Top 5 Papi’s Day activities in Aruba

What's going on in Aruba?
Aruba is known as the “One Happy Island“, but did you know that the Aruban people are extremely family-oriented? The natives love to celebrate life and family gatherings are no exception! Discover the exciting and festive events, and activities available for this year’s Papi’s Day celebrations.

Feliz Dia Papi – Discover the most remarkable and breathtaking locations on the island… the ideal place to spend Father’s Day on Sunday, June 19th, 2022. Keep dad in mind as you plan your Father’s Day trip to Aruba. After all, he deserves to have a good time as well! Is he into high-octane island adventures? Is he a reader who likes to unwind on the beach under a palapa? Maybe his favorite interest is grilling? We’re here to provide some of the top activities to do in Aruba to make Papi happy.


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1 . Explore the island and discover Aruba in a jeep or UTV


Make time to visit other parts of the island, such as the wild East Coast. You’ll discover some genuine island adventure here! We recommend hiring a 4×4 vehicle, such as a jeep or UTV. Before you go, check out the guided tours, write down some intriguing and difficult-to-reach sites on your adventure schedule, and go exploring! As you travel around the desert-like environment, you’ll get a whole different perspective on the island’s beauty. Make stops at some of the island’s most magnificent hidden wonders.

2. A snorkeling and open bar catamaran adventure!

SailSnorkel 21

Get away from the surface of the ocean and go underwater! Grab your snorkeling equipment and a cooler, and head to one of the wonderful snorkeling beaches! Explore Aruba from a different angle while aboard the Palm Pleasure, a 70-foot-long and 40-foot-wide catamaran. You’ll be treated to three snorkeling stops, an open bar, lunch, and breathtaking scenery.

3. Relax with a beach day or on a private island

tablet portrait horizontal rectangle retina 18. De Palm Island Flamingoes 2

If your father wants to relax and unwind, take him to the beach with a towel and a cooler! Nothing compares to a day at the beach in Aruba! Discover Aruba’s greatest beaches or spend the day on De Palm Island, Aruba’s only all-inclusive private island. Get away from the crowded beach area for some rest and leisure and enjoy an all-inclusive day in paradise on this private island. De Palm Island is home to a lovely flock of gentle flamingos that live in a protected part of the island.

4. Food is the only way to win his heart!

tablet landscape horizontal rectangle Hadicurari mussels

How could you possibly go wrong with this plan? With so many exquisite and drool-worthy culinary options in Aruba, you’re bound to win Dad’s heart! Local cuisine, fresh fish, juicy steaks, and a choice of exotic cuisine… Aruba has a wide variety of eating opportunities that are guaranteed to complement your island getaway!

5. Flip burgers on your very own grill with Papi.


Grilling outdoors with Papi or a father figure is a time-honored tradition. There is no need to pack your grill. Whether you’re planning a Father’s Day weekend getaway or gathering with the entire family for a summer vacation, we’ve got you covered. Many of the Casiola Aruba vacation rentals include ideal outside kitchens.

Whatever you select, remember to have fun and relax with each other! After all, you’re in happy, sunny Aruba! There’s no need to hold off experiencing the finest of Aruba. Visit Casiola Aruba now to discover more about our many island vacation rentals and how we can assist you in starting to plan your Papi’s Day trip!

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