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The Ultimate Aruba Luxury Vacation

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For the traveler that can’t wait to savor a sunny getaway complete with breathtaking scenery, easy access to the water, and endless activities and attractions to enjoy during a stay, there’s absolutely no better place to venture than the stunning island of Aruba. This gem of the Caribbean is as tranquil as it is picturesque. It’s located in the Lesser Antilles and is often defined by its rich history as well as its soft sandy shorelines, turquoise waves, and overall vibrant atmosphere that has a way of calling guests back time and again for an Aruba luxury vacation. In total, the island of Aruba spans no more than 70 square miles, but it’s a place where it’s easy to embrace experiences that last a lifetime. The island sits outside of the active hurricane belt and enjoys sunshine and plenty of clear skies year-round.

This combination of natural features makes it the perfect place for travelers to enjoy everything from sunbathing and snorkeling to adrenaline-pumping watersports like surfing as well. The island is loved for its masterful take on fresh seafood while the interior hosts an array of galleries, museums, and shops that are sure to thrill with every visit. The architecture across Aruba is a testament to its dynamic past as well as the peoples and cultures that have been infused into the island scenery over time.

While Aruba is home to an amazing number of alluring beaches, it’s Arikok National Park that has a way of capturing minds and imaginations too. Covering no less than 20% of the island’s surface, this protected space is home to everything from ancient caves and one-of-a-kind rock formations as well as shorelines that are nestled up against hidden-away pools and coves, too. Some caves across Aruba hold more than stalactites. There are some that hold ancient drawings believed to date back 2,500 years to the time when the Arawak called the island home.

It’s fair to say that Aruba is a vacation destination that truly has something for everyone. It’s also a place where travelers can elevate their experience in luxury and style with ease. When you’re excited to make the most of every island moment and you’re aiming to indulge in the finer things in life while you’re here, you won’t have any problem accessing the experiences you’re craving. The following stops can all be added to your Aruba vacation itinerary when you’re dedicated to pursuing the ultimate luxury vacation to the gorgeous, fascinating, and endlessly appealing island of Aruba.

Aruba Sandy Beaches

Savor Every Second Possible on the Sand

Undoubtedly, one of the most luxurious ways to spend time in Aruba is on the beautiful sandy shorelines that adorn the island. Here, pristine beaches meet up with turquoise waters in a combination that’s truly tantalizing. Those who are looking to beach hop their way through a stay in luxury and style won’t have any trouble getting into an island state of mind to do exactly that. Those that call Aruba home understand that the beaches are an integral part of island life, and so it’s here plenty of time is spent by locals and visitors alike. One of the most iconic stretches of stand in all of Aruba is the area known and loved as Palm Beach. This 2-mile strip of sand is flanked by glamorous high-rise hotels and is dotted with palm trees, casinos, and piers too. There are plenty of beach bars to enjoy when you aren’t soaking up the sun from the sand and many visitors make the most of the tranquil surf by spending time snorkeling or swimming in the waves. When you visit Palm Beach, you’ll want to take some time to stroll down the coastline and soak up the sights. In the evening, it’s a great place to watch the sun go down in a rainbow of colors. When the sun finally sets, Palm Beach is packed with revelers looking to keep the fun going in clubs, casinos, and bars that are located along the sand.

Eagle Beach is another beautiful place to settle in when you’re looking for a luxurious day on the sand. This destination has frequently been voted the best beach in the Caribbean by Trip Advisor and lives up to its reputation with ease. Here, guests can enjoy sugary sands between their toes as well as stunning ocean views and a collection of shaded lounge areas to enjoy as well. It’s a popular place among photographers thanks to its fofoti trees that host an iconic silhouette that’s truly one-of-a-kind. If you happen to be a wildlife enthusiast, you’ll be thrilled to learn that Eagle Beach is a nesting ground for no less than four species of sea turtles throughout the year.

Chartered Sailing Experiences

A spectacular way to spend time in Aruba when you’re looking to enhance your itinerary with the most luxurious experiences is to book a chartered sailing. The waters around Aruba are ideal for sailing and the coastline cuts a captivating view from every angle. The leeward coast of Aruba hosts flat waters while steady trade winds offer up just the right combination to keep you sailing in style. There are a variety of local tour companies to choose from when you’re looking to book a customized sailing experience. Many focus on sunset sails for the most scenic moments to be enjoyed but there are always options to book sailing tours that focus on wildlife watching, sightseeing, or snorkeling too. Some of the local companies to consider when you’re ready to book include Strea Charters, Pelican Adventures, and Tranquilo Sailing Charters too. Where Pelican and Tranquilo offer adventure takes on sailing excursions, Strea Charters is a great option for families. Or check out Jolly Pirates for a unique adventure on the water!

Aruba Sailing Boats

Upscale Dining Options

Enjoying elegant and savory dining experiences in Aruba is a breeze for visitors with a passion for palate-pleasing moments. While seafood is often highlighted as a specialty here for good reason, guests can also find plenty of choices when it comes to dishes inspired by far-flung destinations. Head over to Wilhelmina when you’re in the mood to enjoy a fine-dining experience in a trendy and undeniably art-filled establishment! This eatery is run by Chef Dennis van Daatselaar and Chef Glen Bonset alongside Manager Miriam. Some of the menu highlights to enjoy include Aruban-style fish cakes and Caribbean rock lobster as well as Saffron seabass and homemade ravioli. In addition to these delightful selections, guests can order foie gras, roasted mushrooms, and beef short ribs as well.

For a taste of Peru in the heart of Aruba, head over to Lima Bistro during your stay for a truly spectacular meal! Owned and operated by Chef Teddy Bouroncle who was born and raised in Peru, this restaurant is the result of Bouroncle’s hard work in Michelin-starred restaurants before opening his very own in Aruba. At Lima Bistro, you can order everything from scallops and duck breast with corn sauce to tuna tartar paired with avocado and rocoto cream. The pork chops are always a fan favorite here when served up with red cabbage and mashed potatoes while the Peruvian dish Lomo Saltado is impeccable alongside its iconic potato fries. You won’t want to leave before ordering a dessert like the Crème Caramel with ice cream or the mouthwatering chocolate mousse.

For a French take on upscale cuisine in Aruba, make your way to Bohemian at least once during your visit. Owned and run by Chef David Nataf and his brother Gregory, this restaurant is an homage to a passion both have held since their childhoods in Southern France. Dedicated to farm-to-table dining, Bohemian features everything from homemade foie gras terrine as well as chicken coq au vin and goat cheese salads too. From the braised lamb shank to the beef tenderloin, it’s impossible to go wrong with anything on the menu. Not to mention the impressive and decidedly vast wine list that accompanies the menu at Bohemian. This eatery is found within walking distance of Palm Beach and enjoys Moroccan-inspired wood décor throughout as well as a romantically lit garden with thatched hut adornments.

Or book a private chef for your vacation rental!

Spas to Experience

There’s no reason your next luxurious Aruba vacation shouldn’t include a well-deserved spa day filled with pampering! The good news is that the island is brimming with amazing options when it comes to luxurious spas to enjoy during your stay. Aruba is known as an exporter of excellent aloe and aloe-infused products, giving local spas every reason to utilize local ingredients in their products. Whether you’re looking for a place with water views or could use a massage, facial, nail care, waxing, or exfoliating scrubs, there are destinations that are designed to inspire. Larimar Spa hosts beach-side massages and cabana-based treatment options as well as indoor treatment rooms for guests to enjoy. They utilize a signature Aloe Vera treatment on their menu of options and promote the island-inspired vibe within their tranquil and inviting spa setting. Spa del Sol is another great option when you’re hoping to enjoy a facial while settling in right next to the sand. Therapists can work their magic in the comfort of breezy gazebos here with views over Eagle Beach upon request. Menu options here include manicures and pedicures as well as massages and wraps but it’s the steam room and whirlpool that keep visitors coming back for more.
Aruba Tours Trolly

Guided Tours

A great way to get out and see Aruba while you’re here with the added luxury of having a local show you the way to amazing moments is to book a customized private and guided tour. Whether you’re interested in touring the land or sea, there’s a guided experience for you here that promises to be one-of-a-kind. Aruba VIP Tours is a great choice when you’re looking for a tour that makes customized care and service a top priority at all times. The team at Aruba VIP Tours works hard to make sure every step of your journey is comfortable and designed to inspire. Through this company, it’s easy to book private off-roading adventures as well as on-road island tours that utilize high-quality air-conditioned 4×4 FJ Cruisers. Along the way, guides are happy to offer up insight into the island’s history and rich heritage. If you decide to book an on-the-water tour complete with snorkeling stops along the way, Aruba VIP Tours is happy to include all of the gear, equipment, and extras you might need to make it a comfortable and convenient day out on the waves. Tours can be booked with personalized itineraries in mind when you’re looking to enjoy stops like the California Lighthouse, Arikok National Park, or the many beautiful beaches that dot the island too. Tours through Aruba VIP Tours can be reserved as 4-hour, 6-hour, or 8-hour experiences depending on guest preference.

Try Deep Sea Fishing

For those who are looking to add a refreshingly fun activity to their Aruba luxury vacation, booking a deep sea fishing charter is the way to go. Driftwood Fishing Charters Aruba has been serving the area for more than 25 years and continues to be a top provider of customized deep sea excursions. The team has a passion for what they do and works hard to create unforgettable experiences for guests whether you’re enjoying time with friends or family onboard their fishing vessels alike. Charters run daily between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm and can accommodate up to 6 people at a time. Deep sea excursions with Driftwood Fishing Charters depart from Renaissance Marina in downtown Oranjestad near Seaport Casino. All of the equipment and bait you’ll need is included in the cost of the experience and bottled water and sodas are readily available to enjoy as well.

Book Your Stay in Scenic Aruba Today

Making more of a luxury getaway to Aruba begins with booking stylish and inviting vacation rentals that keep you close to the places you can’t wait to explore while providing the best when it comes to amenities, location, and luxurious extras too! That’s exactly what you can expect when you partner with Casiola Aruba for your vacation rental the next time you’re here. Our properties are vast and varied, offering up spacious floor plans, stunning views, and impeccable furnishings that make every day a delight. Take time to browse our options and enjoy booking at just the click of a button when you’ve found your dream home away from home in Aruba.

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