Property Walkthrough: Palm Hills Villa

Property Walkthrough

A winter vacation in Aruba promises to bring such joy, but if you think it can’t get any better, you obviously haven’t seen our Palm Hills Villa! Casiola Aruba understands that a vacation is only as good as its vacation home, and we’ve ensured that this luxury vacation home in Aruba reflects the wonders of the island nation on which it is located. Step inside this unique 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom vacation escape and watch all your vacation dreams come true as you discover what it means to be spoiled and welcomed in ways that will make you wish your time in Aruba would never have to end! This guide to Palm Hills Villa and all its charms will introduce you to a lifestyle that will nestle its way into your soul.

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Get Comfortable with Casiola Aruba

The Mediterranean style of Palm Hills Villa offers a hint of the wonders that you will find inside, and as the black door with glass panes swings open, your mouth may drop open as well! Cool tile floors, walls painted a crisp white, and high ceilings offer a bright and welcoming space that you will immediately want to explore. Drop your bags by the door and take your first steps into paradise.

The living room has a Caribbean flair, with palm themed art adorning the walls and beautiful green plants placed strategically next to white sofas and chairs. A dining area, located close to the fully equipped kitchen, almost appears to be a part of the room, presenting a family style that warms the heart. Here is where meals will be enjoyed, games will be played, and Aruba adventures will be planned out—perhaps even as the family meal preparer works their magic on modern appliances that help bring the joy back to cooking! Board games are provided for your use, and high-speed Wi-Fi ensures that you can partake in Zoom meetings if you absolutely cannot completely stay away from the office. White stone countertops, stainless steel appliances large and small, and windows that look out into the backyard oasis of Palm Hills Villa make the kitchen one of the most popular rooms in the home, even if you rarely use it for more than brewing your morning go juice or whipping up batches of mango margaritas to enjoy by the pool!

The three bedrooms in this special home are quietly luxurious, featuring premium beds topped with high thread count linens and the promise of deep sleep and happy dreams. Each room is decorated to be serene and peaceful and offers up their own touches of the tropics such as palm fronds on the duvet in one room, a picture of a palm tree in another, and a combination of both in the third and final room. The bathrooms are spacious and spa-like and contain fluffy white towels and complimentary bath lotions and gels.

The Magic of Aruba

The interior of Palm Hills Villa offers quiet luxurious and plush comforts, but the private oasis that makes up the backyard of this unique property is where the real magic will take place! Covered patios with thick cushioned outdoor furniture offer a chance to nap, converse, or sit and daydream away from the heat of the sun, but if the sun is what you seek, a series of chaise lounges lined up by the pool are where you might head first. Practice your cannonballs in the pool, grill up the catch of the day on the provided propane grill, or wash the beach sand off your feet in the outdoor shower. This space is a multipurpose one destined to be where some of your happiest memories will be made!

Thick foliage lines the edges of the yard, and a pergola with a cloth cover and curtains offers extra privacy and more protection from the sun. The outdoor dining table will be where many of your meals will be enjoyed! Nighttime swims in the lighted pools are a luxury you will miss upon your return to real life, and day passes to the community amenities—another pool, spa, and gym—are included with your rental fees.

Come Home to Casiola Aruba

Every day in Aruba promises to offer adventures you will never want to forget. Coming home each night to the comfort and warmth of Palm Hills Villa will add to the magic of your getaway! Choose this special property that is guaranteed to hold a starring role in the highlight reel of your memories and all other vacations will forever pale in comparison. Reserve Palm Hills Villa today and discover how we at Casiola Aruba love to make vacation dreams come true!

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