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Pets can vacation too!

If you can’t leave your furry pals behind, no problem at all! Let them join you on your vacation! We welcome all cats and dogs at all of our properties. Pets can enjoy open space inside the home, and open backyards to run around freely in. Book a home with a pool today, and let your pet enjoy soothing dips in the pool! No need to leave your pet at a kennel during your vacation.

Book a Casiola vacation home today, and enjoy some R&R along with your pet!

Fido – Company Pet

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Pets, it’s time to enjoy!

Pets are not just pets. They are family too! They should join you in creating lasting memories during your vacation. Casiola offers homes that are pet friendly. No need to keep them locked up in a small hotel room. Let them enjoy a spacious home, and backyards they can frolic in. We understand that pets are very important in your life, which is why we don’t set any limitations to their stay on our properties.

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