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Can You Hear Me Now? Staying Connected During Your Orlando Stay

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Being on vacation is all about relaxing, unwinding and unplugging. Even though you’re on vacation, you still need or want to stay connected in some ways. During your time in Orlando, here’s what you need to know about phone and Internet service.

Cell Phone

U.S.-based cell phones will work fine in Orlando, as the city is equipped with numerous cell towers. All the major cell phone companies — Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc — all have excellent coverage in the area.

If you have an international phone, you’ll want to contact your carrier about getting an international plan added to your line. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for international charges during your time in Orlando.


Some of Casiola’s homes have landline phones to make local calls. Generally, you can make any local calls (within the area code) for free.

Internet Service

All of Casiola’s homes come equipped with high-speed Internet, so you can search the web, check social media and stream your favorite movies. You can use the wireless Internet on any mobile device, including cell phones, tablets and laptop computers.

Each Casiola rental is also equipped with a tablet that continues tons of important information. These tablets have info on everything from how to operate the home’s appliances to local restaurant information. You can even use the tablet to search for additional information.

When out and about, you can use the Internet on your cell phone through a cellular network, as long as it’s included in your cell plan.

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