Spending Your Spring Break in Aruba

Sunny beach with a view of the ocean with palm trees and a dock at Aruba Island

Spending Your Spring Break in Aruba


Spring Break will be here before you know it which makes right now the absolute best time to begin putting travel plans into place. This year, when you’re looking for a destination that’s filled with sunny beach days, plenty of flavors, and rich history too, look no further than the alluring island of Aruba. Known and loved for its spectacular shorelines, blue waves, amazing wildlife, and fantastic nightlife too, Aruba is a Spring Break destination where you can find something to inspire at every turn. The following options are sure to enhance your itinerary every step of the way when you decide to make Aruba your Spring Break vacation destination of choice.

Aruba vacation rental with a beautiful backyard oasis with a pool

Spend Quality Time Exploring the Beautiful Beaches

No matter what else might be on your to-do list, a Spring Break spent in Aruba deserves to have some quality beach time included. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant locale filled with vacation-goers, or a more secluded retreat where you can relax and unwind with nothing but the beauty of nature to keep you company, you’ll find the options you crave here. The list of beaches worth exploring is vast with Palm Beach and Eagle Beach often sitting at the top of traveler itineraries. Beyond these well-known stretches of shoreline, it’s worth your while to discover destinations like Baby Beach, Andicuri Beach, Arashi Beach, Boca Catalina Beach, Dos Playa, Druif Beach, and Boca Prins too!

Pick Up the Pace with a Jeep or ATV Tour

Spring Breakers heading to Aruba who are looking for some adrenaline-pumping fun to infuse into their sightseeing will love every second spent on a Jeep tour while they’re here. These are a wonderful and exciting way to see Aruba’s backcountry alongside a knowledgeable and friendly local guide. You’ll roll through areas of scenic Arikok National Park that you might otherwise miss and gain access to incredible terrain and landscapes along the way. If you’re hoping to elevate the thrills even further, you could always swap out a Jeep tour for an ATV tour and discover some of Aruba’s hidden gems at a breathtaking clip. This gives you access to cave pools, hidden away beaches, and volcanic terrain that is otherwise inaccessible. It just might be the highlight of your Spring Break

Explore Architecture and History in Oranjestad

Aruba is an island steeped in history and if you’re here over Spring Break with a passion for pursuing stories of the past, Oranjestad is where you want to begin your adventures. Spend time exploring the heart of downtown and not only will you find yourself immersed in an amazing dining and shopping scene, but the buildings are a testament to time with Dutch-Colonial style featured on the facades. For a more insightful way to learn about local history, consider booking a walking tour through Oranjestad and you’ll gain access to fascinating museums as well as options to try local cuisine with the background history included in the flavorful moments. For travelers enjoying time in Aruba over Spring Breaduringo who are interested in going back in time even further, there are opportunities to explore ruins right on the island by including a visit to the Bushiribana Gold Mill mines into your stay.

Sail Your Way to Fun

For all of the land-based adventure that awaits in Aruba, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as getting out on the water in style. Spring Break is an ideal time of year to book your place on a catamaran sailing tour for a luxurious way to enjoy the coastline from a vantage point on the waves. Many of these tours can be booked to include swimming and snorkeling stops along the way and if you happen to reserve your place on a sunset sail, you can count on the experience being even more scenic and memorable.

Try Horseback Riding

While the beaches beckon to Spring Breakers in Aruba, those looking for a more unique way to enjoy the sand will want to consider booking a horseback riding beach tour while they’re in town. There are a variety of local operators to choose from when you’re looking to saddle up and explore the shorelines on horseback. You don’t have to be an expert beforehand to enjoy this experience because rides often begin with plenty of instruction included, as well as the gear you’ll need to safely enjoy your outing. Plan a horseback riding tour for the early morning or late evening to avoid the midday heat and enjoy gorgeous island views too before the crowds come out.

Arubas beautiful beach in from of a condo with casiola vacation rentals.

Book Your One-of-a-Kind Stay in Aruba Today

When you’re ready to enjoy a gorgeous Spring Break journey to Aruba, booking your vacation rental through Casiola Aruba ensures luxury, comfort, and style will be a part of your experience as well. Take time to browse our inspiring options online today and when you find the home-away-from-home you love, reserving your place is as simple as the touch of a button.


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