Why vacation homes are better than hotels in times like these


Why vacation homes are better than hotels in times like these

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Things are starting to get serious and as always, we have your best interest at heart. From empty shelves to plummeting stocks, people are starting to panic and stock up on necessities in preparation for a quarantine. As the Coronavirus continues to spread rapidly, it is important to keep you and your loved ones safe while traveling.
Are you in the middle of a relocation? Do you have an important business meeting that you just can’t miss? This situation is less than ideal and guess what? We are here to help. Stay safe during your travels, here are 6 reasons why a furnished vacation home is safer than a hotel during the coronavirus outbreak.

1. Fewer people equals limited exposure

Hotels are often a breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria. Just think of how many others occupied the room before you. Due to a large number of guests that use the rooms, gyms, conference rooms and other shared facilities it is impossible for cleaning crews to sanitize every nook and cranny of these large buildings regularly.

When you decide to stay in a hotel, you have to accept the fact that hundreds or even thousands of people have used the same room you are staying in. How do you know if the room has been completely sterilized from the previous guest? The answer is, you don’t.

On the flip side, staying in a vacation home means that there will be fewer germs and who doesn’t want that? Guests who book vacation homes typically stay for longer periods of time, making it easier for the housekeeping staff to clean and disinfect the property in one shot.


2. Access to your own kitchen vs shared buffets and restaurants

Traveling to a new city can be fun – especially if you love to try new cuisine. Who doesn’t love trying unique dishes? However, during virus outbreaks no matter how delicious it may be, eating out can be equally as dangerous.

While traveling we tend to make poor food choices and eat all our meals out of a fast food bag or a vending machine, making it hard for our body to get the essential nutrients we need in order to stay healthy. Your body needs to stay in good health to keep its immune system up and unfortunately, eating out is not the best way to do that.

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Think about how many hands your food touches before it makes it to you. There is no telling whether the person preparing your food has washed their hands or is sick before passing the bag to you.

You might be asking, during this outbreak, where is it safe to eat? Staying in a vacation home effectively combats these drawbacks.

Having a personal kitchen to use and cook in will ensure that there is no risk of contamination from food workers who are unwell or haven’t washed their hands properly. This also offers the opportunity for you to cook healthier meals while you are away from home.


3. Avoid germy hotel furniture including bedspreads and pillows

Never judge a book by its cover, and with hotel rooms, the same can be applied. Just because the room appears to be clean, it does NOT mean that it is. It can be  quite the opposite. Hotel rooms are a veritable breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria that can give you anything from the flu to staph infections.  From switches to remotes, from light switches to bedspreads, everything you use in a hotel room has been used by hundreds of people before you.

Housekeeping employees of hotels often have to clean between 15 to 20 rooms in a day making it impossible for them to do a thorough job. The comforters you snuggle up under are rarely cleaned or changed. The remotes, switches, and toilets are ridden with hundreds of germs from previous inhabitants of the room- Gross!

On the other hand, vacation homes are used by far fewer people. Moreover, our cleaning staff usually doesn’t have to handle more than one or two vacation homes in a day making it much easier for them to do a diligent job.

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4. You set the standards

Staying in a vacation home as opposed to a hotel has its perks and having access to all the cleaning agents you need is one of them. The standards you set for cleanliness is up to you and you will have peace of mind knowing that none of the nooks and crannies were missed.  

When you clean your apartment, make sure to disinfect frequently touched spots like doorknobs, handles, microwaves and toilets especially if you share it with others to avoid spreading the virus. If you don’t want to clean yourself, you can order hotel-style cleaning from us. 

5. Lower possibility of quarantine in vacation homes

If you’re in a hotel, even one coronavirus infection can trigger a complete lockdown or quarantine of the facility. Staying in an vacation home cuts this risk in half.  In the case there was a quarantine or lockdown due to an outbreak, you will be in the comfort of a home like your own, making it more comfortable than a generic hotel room. 

6. Vacation homes are cheaper than hotels

The average vacation home is at least 40% cheaper than hotel rooms especially if you’re renting for a longer period. In addition to having more space, you can also save on food expenses by using the fully equiped kitchen.

Vacation homes also include amenities and facilities you need for a comfortable stay including a washing machine and dryer. 

 In times like these, staying in a vacation home is the way to go. Ease your mind and stay safe during your travels. 
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