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The joys of a Caribbean vacation can never be diminished, giving travelers a much-needed break from the hassles of real life. While any chance to get away is a great one, there are some escapes that will make you feel as if you have won the lottery. These journeys reveal a lifestyle of wonder as you explore quiet beaches, frolic in warm waters, and renew your soul in ways you never dreamed could be possible. We are, of course, talking about your upcoming visit to Aruba and your stay in one of our memory-making Casiola Aruba vacation sanctuaries! You are about to experience a getaway unlike any other, and because we cherish our guests, we have compiled this guide to the top tours in Aruba you can experience during your stay, ensuring that every minute is filled with happy memories and exciting adventures you will never want to forget.

De Palm Tours in Aruba

There are two distinctly different sides to our island nation, one in which the sea rules and the palm trees sway in tropical breezes and the other a desert wonderland that is a world apart from what you may have expected. De Palm Tours allows you to examine all sides of the beauty of Aruba from atop ATVs or UTVs, taking you to eight of our natural wonders. Be awed by the stark beauty of the desert and the rock formations, be stunned by the tropical beauty of the coast and the wonders found there, and be amazed by all that you can experience on an island that is only about 69 square miles in size. They also offer tours in Aruba on and under the waves; be sure to check them out here.

Butterfly Farm

After your rough and ready ATV adventures, you may be ready to explore the gentler side of Aruba; a visit to the Butterfly Farm is the perfect way to do so! Offering a 15-minute guided tour with your paid admission that ensures you do not miss out on anything important, once the tour has finished you are permitted to stay as long as your heart wants. This tropical experience is especially loved by the children as they chase the delicate and colorful creatures that make their home here, and if you think they would like to have butterflies land on them, wearing bright orange, lime, and other citrusy colors is a great way to entice the sweet creatures. Offering hundreds of butterflies from all over the world as well as the caterpillars from which they transform, this experience is destined to bring joy to all who visit!

S.E. Aruba Fly n’ Dive

The seas that surround Aruba are simply stunning and exploring the world that lives under the seas promises to be the adventure you remember most! Offering diving trips for certified divers, and lessons and certifications for those who are trying this for the first time, the world that awaits you under the water will change the way you look at the ocean forevermore. Spend the day exploring that world with breaks taken for snacks, meals, or beverages served at the full bar on the boat or take your adventure to the next level with a night dive. If diving is a little more than you think you are ready for, the Fly n’ Dive crew also offers tamer adventures in the form of snorkeling, giving guests a peek into the world under the sea.

Aruba Mural Tours

The Aruba Art Fair is an annual event in which local artists show off the best of their works by painting murals on walls of local businesses, but after the event has ended, what happens to those murals? They become an integral part of the Aruba landscape to be enjoyed for years to come! When you want to make sure you see them all, you just give Aruba Mural Tours a call. With over 40 colorful masterpieces to explore, (and more being added every year) there are a variety of tours being offered, but if we had to choose our favorite, their Whole Story and a Ride Tour is the one we would have to pick! Lasting two hours, it includes transportation from your Casiola Aruba sanctuary, a spirited narrative offered by personable tour guides, bottled water, and many photo opps; the pictures taken of the murals are destined to be the most colorful ones of all your shots!

From E-Bikes to Segways and So Much More

The ways to see Aruba are as varied as the people who visit from all over the world, and although there are no wrong ways to explore, there is only one correct way to stay! Our Casiola Aruba sanctuaries are designed to spoil, built for comfort, and made to ensure that your Aruba visit is the first-class experience you deserve. Reserve yours today!

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