The Ultimate Summer Getaway to Aruba

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The Ultimate Summer Getaway to Aruba

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For many people, summer is the ultimate travel season. The weather is warm, the sun is bright and the options to explore new places are endless! When you’re of the mindset to explore and you’re looking for a vacation destination that’s beautiful, inviting, and exciting in equal measure, there’s no better place to find yourself than Aruba. This scenic Dutch Caribbean Island is located just off the coast of Venezuela and offers up a diverse landscape that visitors easily fall in love with. In fact, for many enthusiastic travelers, it’s common for that first Aruba summer vacation to turn into an annual return trip with good reason.

Aruba’s terrain is dotted with delightful beaches to enjoy as well as gentle surf and relatively mild weather year-round. While one side of the island offers up a wild look at untouched terrain, the other is a vacationer’s dream come true, hosting a collection of shorelines and emerald waves designed by nature to inspire the senses. While many summer travelers come this way to make the most of time outdoors, enjoying the beauty of natural surroundings, Aruba is also a destination that can inspire in the way of man-made architecture and culture as well. European architecture and color palettes tend to dominate the landscape in the capital of Oranjestad where Dutch gables and pastels collide in perfect harmony. Aruba is also home to a collection of lighthouses and windmills that speak to a time gone-by while modern spas, restaurants, nightclubs, and casinos infuse a modern touch into the entertainment mix. Whether you’re one for wandering the beaches or basking in the neon glow of a luxury resort casino, Aruba is an inviting place to find the best of it all!

Even the flavors offered on the island are versatile in nature and speak to the cultural history of the island. For food lovers from near and far, this is a huge benefit! When putting together your summer culinary itinerary in Aruba, it’s entirely possible to fill your dining time slots with stops at restaurants that feature the best of Spanish fare, African dishes, Asian delights, or Dutch-traditional meals as well. Whatever you happen to be craving, you’re sure to find it on this island.
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Summer Travel to Aruba

There’s not much to worry about in the way of weather when it’s time to begin putting your summer Aruba-bound travel plans into place. The island enjoys a climate that leans more toward desert tendencies than extreme tropical fluctuations. Most of the annual rainfall happens between October and November, freeing up the summer months for outdoor fun! The average temperature this time of year is around 83 degrees Fahrenheit, putting visitors in a wonderful position to pack lightly and enjoy warm weather to the fullest. This mild summer weather also makes for more certain air travel plans. Many major airline hubs across the U.S. offer direct flights to Aruba and without threatening weather to contend with the vast majority of the time, it should be a smooth ride and arrival! Nothing is more exciting than boarding a plane knowing you’re headed for an island destination that’s charming, beautiful, and filled with natural wonders, exciting activities, and fun.

Make the Most of Outdoor Adventures

Aruba is known and loved for its culture, rich history, and access to flavor and nightlife in abundance. However, there’s something exceptionally appealing about the natural beauty of Aruba in summer for visitors and locals alike. A summer trip this way should definitely include time outside exploring the wilder aspects of the island’s topography. One of the best places to get an idea of just how stunning the landscape here can be is Arikok National Park. In relationship to the island itself, this National Park is massive. In fact, it encompasses nearly 18% of the total landmass! A visit to Arikok National Park puts visitors within reach of three primary geological formations to explore. These include lava, quartz diorite, and limestone, which happens to be the most abundant of the bunch. All three geological formations tell the story of Aruba’s past and those who visit the park will find they can discover everything from Arawak paintings on rock surfaces to wildlife that depend on these formations to thrive. Some of the most exotic species that call this park home include the Aruban burrowing owl and the Baker’s cat-eyed snake. While hiking trails through the park, visitors will see traditional Aruban houses within the parameters as well as the ruins of former gold mines and plantations too. The entrance to the park is found at San Fuego 70, Santa Cruz.

Another outdoor adventure that summer travelers to Aruba won’t want to leave off their to-do list is snorkeling. The waters that surround this island are captivating and refreshingly clear. This offers snorkelers a unique vantage point on life below the waves. From mesmerizing marine life to colorful coral, it’s an underwater world that promises to thrill. If you have your own gear, snorkeling just off the beach is a must, but there are also plenty of tour companies that provide guided snorkeling experiences too. Save money on your snorkeling trip by booking through Casiola Aruba’s fantastic partners!

Unwind on the Sand

By far, one of the most popular activities tourists and locals alike enjoy in Aruba over the summer is time well spent at the beach. With so many stunning shorelines to choose from and enjoy, it comes as no surprise that for many who head this way this time of year, afternoons on the sand soaking up the sun are a priority to say the least. One of the most attractive and populated beaches to consider savoring is Palm Beach. This west-coast stretch of shoreline encompasses two miles of island terrain and is dotted with some of the island’s most upscale restaurants, beach bars, resorts, and boutique shops too. This world-renowned beach is not only beautiful but lives up to its reputation in every way, delighting visitors from across the map with every visit. It’s a vibrant beach to enjoy whether you’re excited to pair your beach time with time on the water or can’t wait to stroll hand-in-hand with your significant other. When the sun goes down, the fun at Palm Beach doesn’t stop. The nightclubs, bars, and casinos in this area offer up non-stop drinks, dancing, and music for visitors to enjoy into the small hours of the morning if they choose to. This beach area is also home to a collection of upscale spas as well as shopping malls, cinemas, and even bowling lanes!

If you happen to be heading this way with the entire family in tow and are looking for a more tranquil approach to beach time, Eagle Beach might just be the ideal stretch of shoreline for you. This pristine destination comes complete with deep blue waters and soft white sands to settle into. Often less crowded than Palm Beach, Eagle Beach is a great place to swim, sunbathe, or picnic yea-round. It’s a turtle nesting area as well, giving nature lovers every reason to head this way and hopefully witness something exciting when the timing and daylight is right!

Step into History This Summer

For all of the modern marvels and wonders that Aruba offers its locals and visitors, it’s also an island rich in history waiting to be explored. If you’re headed to the island this summer and have a passion for pursuing the past, there are plenty of places to add to your itinerary. The Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins are a great place to start your adventures. Situated between Andicuri and Wairiruri Beaches, these ruins date back to the island’s iconic gold rush of the 19th century. The mill was constructed to extract gold from the hills of Ceru Plat and operated for 10 years before being decommissioned. Today, it’s a wonderful stopover to pair with a visit to the iconic Aruba Natural Bridge.

Making time for a trip to California Lighthouse is also a recommended excursion for those who enjoy maritime history. Dating back to construction in 1910, this lighthouse sits on the northwestern tip of the island not far from Arashi Beach. The lighthouse was named after an infamous wreck in the waters nearby that occurred in 1891. Today, it’s place on the rocky coral shorelines makes it a picturesque stop to enjoy where the past comes to life in nautical style.

When military history is what piques your interest, a stop at Fort Zoutman during your summer journey is sure to please. This military fortification is located in Oranjestad and is considered to be the oldest building on the entire island! Built in 1798 at the hands of the Dutch army, Fort Zoutman was equipped with four cannons that were used to deter both enemy armies and pirates alike. The accompanying tower known as the Willem III Tower was constructed in 1868 and was designed as a fully functioning lighthouse and clock tower. Both of these stunning historical landmarks were restored and opened to the public once again in the name of tourism as of 1983.

Take a Tour or Two or Three

While settling into the sand or spending time exploring historical landmarks is exciting, adding a few comprehensive sightseeing tours to your Aruba summer itinerary is a good idea when you want to get a taste for everything this destination has to offer! Fortunately for those who head this way, there are plenty to choose from that can be customized according to travel style. Enjoy fast-paced Jeep tours of the island that are fun and filled with stops you might otherwise miss. Settling into an air-conditioned Jeep Wrangler makes for a comfortable ride while your friendly and knowledgeable tour guide will point out landmarks and other points of interest along the way. These tours allow summer visitors to get a glimpse at the highlight island attractions with options to stop at places they want to explore in more depth. Some of the stops on these itineraries include the Natural Bridge and Pool, the Ayo rock formation, gold mine ruins and more.

If you’re a summer traveler that wants to truly connect to the island while you’re here, the A to Z Tour of Aruba is for you! This tour proudly provides customized and friendly sightseeing options across the island upon request. These tours are wonderfully personalized and are led by guides with a passion for the people and place they serve. The insider information you gain on these tours is sure to inspire while you’ll also have access to iconic attractions and off-the-beaten path sites too!
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Spend Time in the Capital

No matter how much beach time is built into your summer Aruba getaway, pairing it with time in the capital of Oranjestad is a must! This area hosts a distinct charm thanks to its unique architecture, European influence, and beautifully restored landmarks. While you can certainly find luxury retailers in this area as well as high-end restaurants, it’s the colorful facades of main street and the lush landscaping to match that tend to leave the biggest impression on visitors. Bring your camera and sense of adventure when you make time for an Oranjestad adventure while you’re on the island.

Book Your Aruba Adventure Today

There’s never been a better time to book your Aruba in summer getaway and when you need luxurious accommodations to match, the team at Casiola Aruba has amazing options across the island to offer! Whether you’re looking for a home away from home by the sand or can’t wait to wake up to the sound of the waves in a multi-level residence with a private pool and hot tub included, we have what you’re looking for and more. Browse our selection of properties online today to learn more about our incredible rental options and to begin planning your next trip!

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