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The top 5 greatest Orlando water parks

What's going on in Orlando?
Some of the top water parks in the world may be found in Orlando. Whether you want to beat the heat by splashing around in a wave pool, go on a thrilling raft ride, or just relax with your family at one of the most beautiful Orlando water parks, this city has something for everyone. Just make sure you wear sunscreen! If your family prefers a more private vacation, many of our Casiola vacation homes include their own splash pool or communal resort pools.

Having fun in the sun is all the more exciting when you’re at one of these 5 top water parks

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There are many options when it comes to getting out and having fun in Orlando. Water parks offer fun for all ages and make it easy to spend time with family and friends. Some water parks have rides, pools and slides while others have lazy rivers and wave pools where you can relax in the water with your feet up on one of those floating chairs or tubes. Other options include kids play areas with toys for younger children, food vendors selling snacks like pizza or popcorn balls. But if you’re looking for something to do that’s both exciting and relaxing at the same time, there’s no better way than visiting one of these five water parks.

1. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon® Water Park

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So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and visit Typhoon Lagoon® Water Park. First off, congratulations! You’re in for an amazing time. The park is one of four theme parks owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company in the Greater Orlando area, along with Disney’s Animal Kingdom®, EPCOT®, and Magic Kingdom®. Typhoon Lagoon® is designed as a tropical environment featuring large waves that are controlled by computers to make sure they don’t become too big or overpowering for guests who want to feel like they’re surfing or getting caught up in a storm while swimming near others in their bathing suits.

Typhoon Lagoon® debuted a 2-acre expansion that includes the new Miss Adventure Falls family raft ride. The water park is also home to several other attractions including Crush ‘n Gusher, Mayday Falls, and Storm Slides. Add the Park Hopper Option to your ticket if you’re planning on visiting more than one park during your trip, this may be a good option since it allows access to all four theme parks owned by Walt Disney World® Resort at any given time during your stay (except where otherwise noted).

2. Aquatica by SeaWorld® Orlando

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Aquatica is SeaWorld’s water park, they offers guests an up-close view of marine life as well as thrilling rides for the whole family. It features everything from lazy rivers to wave pools, to tube slides that take you down some pretty crazy tubes.

The park has a total of 8 slides, 7 of which are water slides. The all new Reef Plunge is one of them and it’s perfect for those who want to experience something different while they slide down. This unique ride comes with two separate tubes that can be ridden at once or individually depending on how many people are going down together, it’s great for families looking to spend time together in fun ways!

3. Universal’s Volcano Bay™ Water Theme Park

Volcano Bay Orlando Tapu Play Bands

At Universal’s Volcano Bay, you’ll discover a variety of water activities, including rides with slides, geysers, and rapids. There are also several kiddie rides for smaller children, such as water guns, spray misters, and a lazy river. It contains around 26 rides, including three thrill attractions and two family-friendly rides, as well as a large volcanic centerpiece and a network of linked pools.

The park has some really unique TapuTapu technology that allows guests to move at their own pace around the park. Guests may scan the tag on their TapuTapu bracelet to get virtual queues for attractions, eliminating the need to wait in long lines!

4. LEGOLAND® Water Park

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LEGOLAND® Water Park is the ultimate summer getaway for LEGO® fans. The park offers loads of fun for kids, including a pirate-themed area with water cannons and a splash pad, as well as an enclosed water coaster that shoots riders through loops at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. If you’re looking for something less intense, there’s also a long waterslide called the Twin Chasers where you can feel like you’re flying over LEGO® bricks while catching airtime on each bump in your path and yes, it’s totally worth it!

If you want to relax in between rides or just cool off after one too many waves on the slides, grab your friends and hit up the LEGO® Wave Pool or Build-A-Raft Lazy River, both are guaranteed to give everyone a good time while they soak in some sun.

5. Island H20 Live! Water Park

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If you’re looking for the best water park in Orlando, look no further than Island H20. This water park is located near Margaritavilla Resort and features more than 30 fun-filled rides and attractions that will keep your family entertained all day long. From lazy rivers to family raft rides, there’s something in this water park for everyone!

The most immersive and technologically advanced water park on the planet, Island H2O is an ultimate adventure that will leave your heart racing faster than ever before. With numerous adventures including wave pools and tubes slides available throughout the day, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this amazing experience with friends or family members alike!

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Orlando’s water parks are simply spectacular. There’s plenty for everyone, from the exhilarating thrills at Typhoon Lagoon® to the kid-friendly attractions at LEGOLAND®. If you’re feeling daring, Island H20 and Universal’s Volcano Bay™ each provide a range of attractions and activities that will put you to the test! Casiola vacation homes provide everything you need for any type of adventure seeker out there, whether you want to spend a day relaxing at your private pool or going on expeditions throughout the theme park world, all of our vacation rentals are close to all of the excitement.

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