The More the Merrier: Why You Should Try a Group Vacation

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The More the Merrier: Why You Should Try a Group Vacation

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If we’re lucky, we all have a tribe — sometimes that tribe is our immediate and extended family. Sometimes that tribe is those people that do daily life with us and become the family we get to choose. If you’ve never taken a trip with your tribe, you should definitely consider adding it to your travel wishlist. Traveling together helps create even stronger bonds and is just plain fun! From families to sorority sisters to sports teams, traveling as a group can also save money and add to the overall vacation experience.  
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Save money on accommodations: When you travel as a group, you can take advantage of great deals on vacation rental homes and condos. Whether you’re traveling with all adults or adults and kids, vacation rentals exist to fit all types of groups. Larger properties do cost more money, but they also sleep more people. When you divide the total costs among everyone, you’ll typically find savings over the cost of a hotel. Casiola has a large number of vacation rentals that have seven, eight and even nine bedrooms. Many of those bedrooms even have multiple beds, accommodating even more people. No air mattresses or sleeping bags needed! Other benefits of vacation rentals for groups include large living spaces and extra bathrooms. Plus, many come with pools, hot tubs and game rooms that everyone can enjoy together.

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Keep your dining budget in check: Even though more people means more food, it can actually be less expensive to cook meals for a larger group. Casiola’s vacation rental kitchens are fully-equipped with full-size appliances, tons of prep space and spacious dining areas. They can easily accommodate large groups dining together. Like with the accommodation costs, the group can split the food costs and keep some money in the dining budget. You can even save money at the theme parks when visiting as a group. Disney World offers ticket discounts for groups with 25 or more people. At Universal Studios, the group discount is good for groups of 20 or more.

Always have a travel buddy: When you travel as a couple or a small family, you could end up doing somethings alone if no one else wants to join you. In a group, chances are that at least one other person will want to ride that one coaster or watch that certain show with you. Plus, there is safety in numbers!

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While many great reasons exist for traveling as a group, you’ll still want to keep in mind these tips to avoid major issues.

Plan ahead: You don’t have to schedule every second of every day, but you’ll want to go in with a game plan. Choose restaurants that take reservations or that accomodate large groups to avoid long waits when dining out. You’ll want to buy theme park tickets ahead of time to take advantage of group discounts and assure you’ll get in. It also helps to plan transportation to and from the parks to avoid major headaches the day you visit.

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Be flexible: Just because you’re traveling as a group doesn’t mean you have to do everything together. Leave time in your schedule for those in your group to do their own thing. Without trying to please everyone, you’ll want to be sure everyone has input in the trip. Keep in mind important factors like food allergies and sleep schedules, especially when traveling with kids.

If everyone keeps an open mind and flexible spirit, traveling as a group can save you money and provide you life-long memories.  

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