Impressive game rooms

It’s all games and fun!

Whether you have some days off from visiting theme parks, or want some after dinner entertainment, our vacation homes have you covered. Some of our homes offer game rooms where you can enjoy some friendly family competition! These game rooms may include game consoles, air hockey, or billiard tables. They are a perfect way to bring your friends or family together. It’s just another amenity we offer in order to make your vacation even sweeter!

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Italo – Property Inspector


Every moment is precious

Casiola understands that your vacation time is very special. Therefore, we work hard to provide you with the elements that will only create fun and good memories. From the way we set things up in your home, to the plethora of amenities we provide you with. We don’t rest until every detail is perfectly placed or thought of. One of our most popular amenities are the game rooms we provide in some of our vacation homes. Taking a break from the pool for a bit? Bring in the family fun into the game room! There’s never a dull moment when staying at our vacation homes. We make it so that every second of your vacation is a precious one.

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