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The beauty of Aruba can be seen all around you. It’s in the clear turquoise waters that surround our island nation, in the uniquely twisted trees growing from sandy beaches and leaning towards the sun, even in the quietly elegant comforts found in your Casiola Aruba vacation escape. But there’s another world, just as beautiful and just as unique, that you may not have explored yet. The world under the sea, offering a peek into perhaps the last frontier—only about 5% of the world’s oceans have been examined—is one that is definitely worth a visit, and it can be enjoyed with a minimum of equipment when you participate in snorkeling in Aruba adventures. Grab your goggles, snorkels, and flippers, and prepare to experience the home of your children’s favorite mermaid and live out your life forever changed!

Starting with the Equipment

Unlike scuba diving, snorkeling does not require expensive equipment or certification classes. It requires only a mask, snorkel, and fins, (flotation devices can come in handy for those with difficulty staying afloat) and of course, an underwater camera that allows you to capture the memories you are making and keep them alive long after the re-ascent to real life! This gear can be rented or purchased at nearly any beach shop in Aruba, including one of our favorite shops, Aqua Windies, located in Eagle Rock. Offering snorkeling equipment and tours, this one stop shop may help you achieve all your vacation goals during your Aruba escape!

To Tour or Not to Tour

Here’s another fun fact about snorkeling in Aruba: It can pretty much be accomplished from any beach, including the one near your rental from Casiola Aruba! Dress in your snorkeling finest and make your way out to the beach and spend a morning, afternoon, or entire day exploring the world under the sea, just outside your home. You can also expand your horizons and head to one of the beaches listed below, known for being the best snorkeling spots in Aruba, and have the time of your life!

Arashi Beach

If you are traveling beyond your own backyard, there are more mundane things to consider, including accessibility, parking, and the size of the waves. Beginning snorkelers may feel more at ease in calmer waters, and Arashi Beach is the perfect place for novices! Public transportation can take you straight to the beach, or if you have a car, the parking lot is large. Arashi Beach can be found on the north side of the island and does not offer rental shops, so you will need to have your gear with you or be satisfied with just wading or swimming. The waters here stay mostly calm. The fish seen here are mostly small but feature beautiful colors that will photograph amazingly!

Boca Catalina

Located in the Malmok Beach area, Boca Catalina is a great snorkeling place for tours or individuals simply trying the sport out on their own. The fish are a little bigger than at Arashi Beach, and this is also a popular spot for sea turtles to explore, pretty much guaranteeing you will encounter one; although we don’t recommend petting the giant creatures, they just may smile pretty for your underwater pictures! Easily accessible and also offering plenty of parking, it may get a little crowded here during the high season.

Catalina Cove

This will be the last snorkeling in Aruba beach we discuss today, and if you have trouble remembering the names, just remember your ABCs—Arashi, Boca, Catalina! Catalina Cove is one of our favorite snorkeling spots, especially as the rocky areas give the colorful fish and sea creatures places to hide and feel safe. Lose yourself in the stunning beauty of the sea, following along with the fish as they dart about and enjoy a vacation experience you will never forget! Remember to wear plenty of sunscreen, especially on the parts of your body that are facing the sun, to avoid the unattractive lobster look that so many tourists seem to wear!

Snorkeling in Aruba Tours

Although you will have plenty of fun and excitement snorkeling on your own, the one thing you will miss is the opportunity to explore ships that have wrecked and are lying at the bottom of the sea. The most well-known one, the Antilla shipwreck, is home to a huge variety of fish and other sea creatures.

Casiola Aruba partners with the Palm Pleasure for a number of exciting snorkeling tours available at a discount to our guests. Enjoy a snorkeling adventure with three stops, an open bar and lunch aboard their spacious catamaran, take a shorter afternoon trip, or even sail the waters during the evening for a more romantic excursion. Your experience on the water in Aruba will only be enhanced by your time on the Palm Pleasure!

Choose Casiola Aruba

As much fun as you will have under the sea, regaining your land legs in the comfort of our Casiola Aruba vacation escapes will be the times you remember the most—contact us now and reserve your favorite today!

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