Save money in the Orlando theme parks

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Save money in the Orlando theme parks

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Don’t let your dream Orlando vacation break the bank. Vacation should be stress-free, so some simple planning will help you save not only pennies, but dollars that add up fast! Check out our tips for saving cash and amping up your fun during your stay in Florida.

1. Renting a vacation home vs. paying for multiple hotel rooms

Hotels have their place, but if you’re traveling with a group or a large family, renting a home could really help you save money for other fun stuff. Casiola is Orlando’s premier vacation rental company, and can help you find the perfect home for your stay. With plenty of room for the whole gang in one home, why would you ever pay more for multiple hotel rooms?

2. Extend your vacation to save more

Ever heard the phrase “buy more, save more”? Now that you’re saving money by staying in a vacation home, you can use the money you saved to extend your vacation! A single-day ticket to Walt Disney World will cost an adult $89, but if you buy a multi-day pass, your daily adult ticket cost can go as low as $42 per day.

3. Eat well, inexpensively

Who says you have to buy every meal and snack while traveling? All Casiola vacation properties include fully equipped kitchens so you can brown bag your vacation, all the way to the bank. Packing lunches and snacks for the whole gang will really keep the cash in your pocket, and bonus – you’ll be eating food that’s much better for you too! Casiola vacation homes are conveniently located near supermarkets and convenience stores, so you can easily stock up.

You can still save money by eating at Walt Disney World parks. Kid’s meals are usually a dollar or two cheaper, and the portions are smaller. Another choice is to share an adult-size entree with someone else in your party. Sharing meals can cut your food cost by half – or more!

4. Staying hydrated on a dime

In addition to packing a cooler for lunches and snacks, don’t forget to stay hydrated! Florida weather is warm and sunny, and when you’re having this much fun, you won’t realize how much water you’re missing. Pack lots of drinks to keep everyone at the top of their vacation game. Consider bringing a refillable water bottle to Walt Disney World, as well. There are many water fountains available throughout the parks to refill your water bottles. Any outdoor kiosk or quick-service restaurant that serves fountain sodas will also give you a free cup of ice water.

5. Stay cool in the (private) pool

After a day at the parks, doesn’t a crystal cool pool sound great? How about a bunch of strangers sharing the pool with you? No? You’re in luck. Many Casiola vacation homes have their own private pool for you to enjoy – on your terms.

6. Choose your travel season wisely

Many sites will tell you to save money, you should travel to Orlando during the low season (typically January, late August and September). If you rent a vacation home, you can enjoy your vacation any time of year! You won’t deal with the hassle of other resort guests, and save money on top of it!

If you hate the crowds, however, you can definitely bank on January, late August and September being a fantastic way to enjoy Walt Disney World without hordes of people.

7. Rock and roll with your own stroller

If you have little ones in your party, you’ll save money and hassle by packing a stroller from home. Disney does have strollers available for for rent, but you can avoid lines and an extra expense by bringing your own stroller. And since your Casiola vacation home has plenty of room for your party and all your stuff, you’ll stroll through the parks with extra cash in your pocket.

8. Stack up savings on staple items

Don’t overpay at the parks for must-have items like sunscreen or the pair of sunglasses you forgot at home. Grab essentials at a store near your vacation home, and you won’t pay $14 for a tiny tube of sunscreen. Grab some glowsticks or wands for the kids, so when the evening light parade events begin, you won’t be guilted into buying some.

9. Downtime – or a day off!

If all the glitz and glamour of the parks makes you see stars, take some time off. There are plenty of cheap and even free ways to enjoy the Disney parks:

  • Many of the beautiful hotels (Animal Kingdom Lodge, Grand Floridian, Wilderness Lodge, and Yacht Club, to name a few) offer free tours of the hotels and their grounds.
  • Take a relaxing boat ride and view some of Disney’s beautiful resorts from the water. Or, if you don’t have your sea legs, wait until dark and you can catch the Electrical Water Parade!

If you’ve had simply more Disney than you can handle, your private vacation home will have all the amenities you want for some much-needed relaxation – large flat-screen TVs, private pools and media and game rooms. Take a day to recharge, and be ready to attack the parks tomorrow!

10. Memory makers

If a picture is worth a thousand words, don’t miss a moment of the action. Take pictures and video of your once-in-a-lifetime vacation and share with all your friends and family. A cheap souvenir that is sold all over the park is an autograph book. For about $6, you can collect autographs from tons of your favourite Disney characters and take them home with you. If you want a cool (FREE) family photo op, check out the 35-ft. Buzz Lightyear at the All-Star Movies resort!

Take the first step

Take the first step to creating a magical Florida vacation experience and book your stay with Casiola. Then rack up the savings and ensure memories to last a lifetime.

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