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Some of those amongst us seek a summer that lasts forever. The cold is their enemy, and even as they may enjoy the taste of pumpkin spice and the thrills of dressing in costume to celebrate their second favorite fall holiday, there is always a part of them that mourns the passing of summer. If you are a child of summer, we at Casiola Aruba can help you extend the summer season into the fall with a visit to our island home and a stay in one of our seasonal sanctuaries. Pack your favorite swimsuits, keep those flip flops on, and prepare for paradise on an adventure that will feed your soul. This guide to our favorite fall activities in Aruba will ensure that your heart will get to smile at least another week as you frolic and play on an island that is less crowded during the autumn season.

Swim in the Natural Pool

Although our luxurious Casiola Aruba vacation escapes come with pools, and in many cases are oceanfront properties, if you can drag yourself away from the beauty of your home away from home, a trip to the Natural Pool should be at the top of your itinerary! Here in an area surrounded by volcanic rock that is thousands of years old, the crystal clear waters of the sea offer a swimming experience unlike any other. The turquoise and white of the water contrasts against the black volcanic, keeping it from blending in against the blue skies above, and although it is a popular tourist destination, if you are visiting in September or October, chances are it will feel as if the 17-foot-deep “pool” is your own private escape!

Put Some Aloe on That Burn

Everyone knows that the best thing for the burn you acquired during your swim in the Natural Pool is to put a little aloe on it, so it a visit to the Aruba Aloe Factory Museum & Store located at Pitastraat 115 is a natural addition to your list of things to do! Tours run every 15 minutes and are conducted in four different languages, including English and Papiamento, (the native language of Aruba) during which you will learn how the plant is processed and how it has more benefits than just being a healer of the sunburn. End your tour with a visit to the shop and pick up some healthy gifts for you, your family, and the people back home who were not lucky enough to be able to join you on this trip of a lifetime! You can even take an Aruba Island Tour which makes a stop at the aloe factory for a complete island experience!

Charlie’s Bar, Bernard van de Veen Zeppenfeldstraat 56

When you get a little warm after a long day at play in Aruba, the best way to cool off is with a cold beer at Charlie’s Bar, a local landmark since 1941. There’s no pretention at Charlie’s, and anywhere else in the world you might call this small business covered in license plates, photographs, and memories a dive bar; in Aruba, however, we just call it our second home! As you pull up a wooden barstool for your first drink of the day, you will soon learn what it is that makes us love Charlie’s as much as we do. The beer is always cold, the food is always fresh and delicious, and the bartenders know all the best stories. Be sure to bring along something you won’t mind leaving behind so your own memorabilia will become a part of the décor, to be discussed by thousands of people just like you for decades to come!

Under the Sea, Snorkeling in Aruba

Just as the live you live on land can be busy, fun, and colorful, the undersea world offers much of the same, and when you take the time to snorkel during your island adventures, you will begin to admire the strength and resilience of the creatures who make their homes under the sea! Mangel Halto is the best known snorkeling spot, accessible from the water or the shore, but there are many more places that will give you a complete picture of the sea, including Arashi Beach, where the white sands complement the turquoise waters and the reefs found below, Catalina Cove, where the beginners like to enhance their snorkeling skills, and for those who are seeking a little history with their snorkeling, the Antilla Wreck, a sunken World War II ship which can best be reached with a tour group. Speaking of tours, you can enjoy a variety of snorkeling tours through Casiola Aruba here! This is one of the most popular activities in Aruba!

Falling for Fall in Aruba

No matter what the season, Aruba is destined to be your new happy place! Reserve one of our Casiola Aruba seasonal sanctuaries today.

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