Our commitment to safe and clean vacation homes

Our commitment to safe and clean vacation homes

Here at Casiola, the health & safety of our guests is now and always will be our highest priority. On a daily basis, we’re working to ensure that our Casiola vacation homes meet the latest guidance on hygiene and cleaning, set out by the Vacation Rental Management Association and the Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals. These health & safety measures include but are not limited to:
Vacation Homes

High-touch areas

We use disinfecting products on all major surfaces and pay attention to all high-touch areas, including door knobs (inside and out), lockboxes or electronics lock panels, elevator buttons, stair railings, telephones, light switches, remote controls, arms of chairs, refrigerator door handles, sliding door handles, toilets, faucets and knobs, clothes hangers, touch screens, and play sets/toys.

Products, Cleaning Agents, and Equipment

All cleaning is done with EPA-registered disinfectants, to kill germs on surfaces.

Linens and towels

Linens and towels are professionally laundered, at the correct temperatures and with the correct chemical chemistry for proper cleaning and sanitization

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Proper PPE Usage

All staff (housekeepers, inspectors, maintenance technicians, or anyone else) wear masks and disposable gloves. Everyone is trained to use these PPE correctly.


All staff (housekeepers, inspectors, maintenance technicians, or anyone else) are trained according to current cleaning standards

Social distancing

If more than one cleaner or other staff member to be present in a vacation home, staff will ensure that proper social distancing protocols are followed


Maintenance is done after the guest has departed from the vacation home. Maintenance technicians wear gloves and masks at all times, disposing of those properly after exiting.

Trash Removal

All trash is safely removed from the homes and trashcans are disinfected and a new trash bag is placed inside.

Wash hands

All staff continue proper handwashing protocols set by the CDC throughout the day and avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.

Local guidelines

Be sure to follow the local guidelines and restrictions:


We follow the CDC guidelines and ask our guests with pets to do the same. More on the CDC-website


Next level Casiola cleaning

Many years in the business have provided a great deal of experience that keeps our guests healthy and happy.  Our team of housekeeping professionals follow protocol and always look for ways to improve upon their craft.  Every vacation rental is inspected prior to our guest arrival to ensure it meets our standards.  Our portfolio managers ensure every guest a safe and healthy stay at our vacation homes.

Nathalie – Portfolio Manager

vrma vrph

Casiola is a proud member of the Vacation Rental Management Association and endorses the cleaning specifications provided by the Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals. Read more about these organizations here: www.vrma.org