Easy navigation with wheelchair accessibility

Casiola offers homes with wheelchair accessibility. From ground floor homes for easy access, to open floor plans for easy navigation. Our wheelchair accessible homes are ADA compliant. They have at least one wheelchair accessible bathroom, with roll-in shower. They also have lowered kitchen and bathroom countertops. The kitchen has a microwave on the countertop, as opposed to over the stove. They have wide doors, and no steps or stairs to enter. They also feature smoke alarms with ADA compliant strobe for the hearing impaired. Casiola pays attention to all details, so that you are as comfortable as you deserve to be. We have worked with experts, to make sure that our wheelchair accessible homes surpass your expectations, and allow you to maneuver problem-free.

Reserve your vacation home today, and rest assured your vacation home will be full of comforts, and restriction free.

Samantha – Reservationist

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Moving around has never been easier!

Casiola makes it simple and easy for our guests in wheelchairs to enjoy their vacation to the fullest. There are no guessing games in regards to wondering if the wheelchair will fit in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. Casiola has homes that are ADA compliant, and allow you to move around with ease. You will receive all the comforts of home, and more!

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