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Villas, the perfect dose of luxury

Casiola offers spacious and stunning villas, where your family or friends can enjoy hotel style amenities, but with the luxury of open/big floor plans. Our villas are all situated in beautiful, very well manicured developments. You will be surrounded by lovely trees, flowers, and large areas for picnics or recreation. Villas also offer you increased privacy, as they are detached homes.

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Dennis – CEO & Founder

3161 Pequod Place 12 Storey Lake

The perfect scenario

If you’re vacationing with a few more than 4 people, a villa is a great option for space and complete comfort. Enjoy your own well manicured backyard for cookouts, or just an evening of great conversations and games. Sleep well in your own large bedrooms. And, always arrive to parks on time as there is no need to share one bathroom with everyone. Plenty of bathrooms for timely showers and grooming. Cook delicious meals in beautiful, fully equipped kitchens. And best of all, create unforgettable memories in your vacation villa!

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