Opening the new Casiola offices in Aruba

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Opening the new Casiola offices in Aruba

Aruba, What's going on in Aruba?

Last Friday, Casiola vacation homes officially opened their new offices in Aruba. It was a momentous occasion for the company, as they have been steadily expanding their presence in the Caribbean island nation. The new offices are located in Caya Taratata 11, the bustling city of Oranjestad, and they are sure to be a great asset to the business.

The new offices result from a long process of planning and preparation, and Casiola is proud to offer its owners and guests an even better vacation rental experience. The new offices will provide a great place to meet and greet owners, guests, and partners, with modern amenities and a welcoming atmosphere.

The opening of the new offices was attended by many local dignitaries, as well as representatives from other vacation rental companies. It was a great opportunity for the company to show off its new facilities and demonstrate its commitment to customer service.

New laundry facility

In addition to the office, Casiola Vacation Homes also opened a new laundry facility. This will allow Casiola vacation homes to provide the vacation homes with crisp clean linen without relying on external partners.

“Our own well-equipped laundry is a major asset in our growth plan”, says Julia De Ruijter, General Manager for Casiola Aruba,  It‘s the start of a new journey the journey of running our very own wellequipped laundry facility! With the right people and dedication, we will make this facility a success!”

Ready for the future

The opening of the new offices was an exciting event for Casiola vacation homes, and one that the company is sure to benefit from. It marks a major milestone for the company and is a sign of the company’s commitment to providing its customers with the best possible vacation experience. With the new offices in Aruba, Casiola Vacation Homes is sure to be a leading player in the Caribbean vacation rental market.


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