Make Sure to Check Out the Kennedy Space Center When You’re in Orlando!

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Make Sure to Check Out the Kennedy Space Center When You’re in Orlando!

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No matter when travelers choose to make their way to sunny Orlando, Florida—they’re in for a treat! This inviting and endlessly exciting vacation destination is one that’s designed to be absolutely thrilling for families, but just as wonderful for those traveling solo, as couples, or with groups of friends. Orlando is a vibrant city where guests can enjoy everything from downtown excitement and savory stops to one-of-a-kind museums, gorgeous gardens, and of course, all of that Disney theme park fun! But beyond what waits to be enjoyed within the parameters of the city itself, a trip to Orlando puts guests well within reach of some other breathtaking attractions that you simply won’t want to miss out on while you’re here. Among them is the Kennedy Space Center. Located just 44 miles from Orlando, this must-experience destination is operated for NASA By Delaware North and is a visitor-funded experience where planet Earth and the cosmos collide!

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What is the Kennedy Space Center?

Those with an interest in stars, planets, galaxies, and all things space travel will find a visit to the Kennedy Space Center to be inspiring every step of the way. It’s one of 10 NASA field centers and operates as a premier multi-user spaceport. The center holds agreements with over 90 private-sector partners. Its mission is to continue embarking on new eras of space travel and exploration well into the future. To achieve that, the Kennedy Space Center hosts a launch site as well as research and development facilities alongside a full visitor center complete with interactive guest experiences and exhibits that pay homage to the past, present, and future of space travel.

Activities to Enjoy During Your Visit

A day spent at the Kennedy Space Center is sure to be one without any shortage of options for insightful activities and entertainment to enjoy. Guests will find that the Kennedy Space Center is packed with unique experiences to check out that bring the stories and logistics of space travel and exploration to life right before their very eyes. Here, there are opportunities to try out various stages of real-life astronaut training. Guests can also enjoy the meet and greet with astronauts or spend time exploring the Heroes and Legends exhibit which highlights famous early voyagers into space. There are exhibits dedicated solely to the development of NASA’s space shuttle program as well as an Apollo/Saturn V center where getting up close to rockets was never easier.

The future of space travel and NASA’s innovative endeavors are featured at the Gateway Exhibit which was recently opened on-site. The Kennedy Space Center also houses the Rocket Garden where visitors can walk among a collection of giant rockets that originated with NASA programs like Apollo, Gemini, and Mercury alike. Guided tours are available through the Rocket Garden upon request. There’s also a full Kennedy Space Center bus tour available for visitors who are looking for a comprehensive sightseeing experience on-site. This tour takes guests to some of the restricted areas in the center so they can get a better look at how the facility operates and what might be in store in the future!

Visitors won’t want to miss out on visiting the Apollo 8 and the Firing Room if they’re interested in learning more about the space race as well as the history surrounding the first crewed Saturn V mission. The Kennedy Space Center’s Hubble Space Telescope Theater is a place where guests can learn about the Hubble Space Telescope’s many successes, setbacks, and future plans. Hoping to experience a shuttle launch for yourself? Get a first-hand feel for the sounds and sensations of a launch moment by trying out the Shuttle Launch Experience! Of course, nothing beats seeing a reach shuttle launch which is also an option at Kennedy Space Center depending on when you arrive. Viewing tickets can be booked in advance depending on the schedule. Launch viewings often come with live commentary from space experts. It’s an experience well worth keeping your eye on the event calendar.

Plan Your Visit

The Kennedy Space Center is located at Space Commerce Way on Merritt Island, Florida. A 1-day admission ticket can be purchased for $75 per adult and $65 per child ages 3 to 11. A 2-day admission ticket is also available for those who want to take the time to make sure they see all of the exhibits, displays, and attractions at their own pace. A 2-day ticket goes for $89 per adult and $79 per child. Add-on enhancements to tickets are readily available for guests looking to customize their visit further. These include options like a KSC Explore Tour, Launch Director Tour of Space Shuttle Atlantis, and the Land and Drive on Mars Training Stage just to name a few.

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