Is Your Family’s Safety Important? Introducing Secure Resorts

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Is Your Family’s Safety Important? Introducing Secure Resorts

Let’s face it, vacation is all about relaxing, recharging, and taking a well-deserved break from the real world. The last thing you want to do is worry. And that is precisely why Casiola is a proud to be a founding member of Central Florida Vacation Rental Professionals, designed to make sure you have the safe and tranquil retreat you deserve.  

Just imagine…  you and your entire family are aboard Big Thunder Mountain Railroad®. You are at the top of the track, ready to take that deep dive down into the “wildest ride in the wilderness!” Suddenly, you remember that you left the front door to your vacation home unlocked. Looks like this roller coaster’s steep dips and sharp turns are not the scariest thing you may have to face today. Your mind is racing, and you realize that your suitcase, his wedding ring, and your little one’s favorite stuffed animal may now be in jeopardy. You can’t wait for this runaway wagon to touch down so that you can leave the park and rush back home to check on your most precious of personal belongings. Who knew that a dream vacation could become such a nightmare! That is, if you went with just any vacation rental company. Lucky for you, you booked your gorgeous getaway through Casciola Vacation Homes, an official member of the Central Florida Vacation Rental Professionals. A smile returns to your face, you exhale a deep sigh of relief, and raise your arms high into the air as you fearlessly descend downhill.

That Extra Mile

Safety comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, it can be as serious as the example given above. However, a minor annoyance left ignored can be just as detrimental if left ignored, such as a rowdy party being held at your resort or illicit drugs making their way onto the premises. This is not the vacation you had in mind, nor should it be your responsibility to deal with it on your own. You have earned a calm and cool vacation. And as Central Florida Vacation Rental Professionals, we are held to a standard that makes it our duty to keep it that way!

Who Are Central Florida Vacation Rental Professionals?

Central Florida Vacation Rental Professionals is a newly formed group committed to the balance of prioritizing health and safety, education and implementation. We are dedicated to the education of the benefit associated with professionally managed vacation rentals.

In addition, we work with the expert resource and awareness of the Vacation Rentals Managers Association. This highly esteemed association has made a commitment to uphold the organization’s code of ethics and business practices to assist with guest to be provided quality, safe lodging experience. 

What Does This Mean For You?

Simply put, whether you’re spending a day out and about within your resort or soaking up the sun in your very own private pool, you can rest easy knowing that as a founding member of Central Florida Vacation Rental Professionals, we have done everything possible to keep the premise safe and sound for you. In these unprecedented times, that kind of peace of mind is priceless, just like your little prince and princesses.

Keeping You in The Bubble

There is no denying that Walt Disney World® Resort goes above and beyond to create a unique sense of utopian comfort, safe from harm’s way. We at Casolia pride ourselves in being able to keep that feeling alive as you venture back to your own private gateway. Whether it be through the implementation of surveillance cameras, the presence of roving patrol, or the solace of knowing that you’re in a gated community, by living up to the standards of a Secure Resort, we can keep you both mentally and physically in “the bubble.”

Proud Recipient of Central Florida Secure Resorts “Secure Resort” Label

It is important to note that the Central Florida Secure Resorts “Secure Resort” Label is only awarded to vacation management companies that abide by their rules and regulations, including:

no parties icon

No Unauthorized
Parties or Events

quiet time icon

Quiet Time
(after 11PM)

drug free icon

Zero Tolerance for
Illegal Drugs

roving patrol icon


gated access icon


surveillance camera icon


noparties events icons

Guests Only

max occ icon

Do not exceed max.
occupancy of your home

safe home logo

Additional Safety Measure

In addition, Casiola is also proud member of the Vacation Rental Management Association and endorses the cleaning specifications provided by the Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals.  

You work hard. Now, it is time to play hard. Rest easy knowing that you’re staying at a “Secure Resort” and leave your worries back home where they belong!

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