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Increased protection for your vacation home

Guests causing damages to your beautiful home is one of the greatest fears and worries of every vacation homeowner. We already covered your accidental damages and will now expand this to intentional damages caused by guests. And to give you even more peace of mind we have increased our damage coverage limits.

What is “accidental damage” and how is this different from “intentional damage” and “wear and tear”?

It’s probably one of the most asked questions by our vacation home homeowners when they face a damage claim. The answer is not always easy as there is a very fine line been the different types of damage. Let us try to break it down for you…

  • Accidental Damage: damage that occurs under normal use and conditions caused by an accident and that is not planned or intentional. Examples include spills on carpet and broken drinking glasses.
  • Intentional Damage: damage which was motivated by neglect, carelessness , spite, malice, vindictiveness or with the deliberate intention of causing damage. Examples include smoking inside the home, holes kicked/punched in walls and doors or graffiti.
  • Ordinary Wear and tear: means the deterioration in condition of property that occurs under normal use and conditions. Examples include scuffs on the walls after a guest checks out.

In a nutshell, a basic way to determine if something is considered wear and tear or damage is to decide if something is likely to happen gradually over time, based on the normal daily use of a residential home. 

Ordinary wear and tear should be considered a “cost of doing business” and should be expected when owning a vacation home. Repairing or replacing worn fittings and fixtures is at the expense of the property owner.

Increased coverage limit

As an owner, you are now covered for damages (intentional or accidental)
caused by the guest for up to $5,000 per reservation.

The Accidental Damage Protection Fee charged to guests to cover these damages are:

  • 1-3 bedrooms: $50
  • 4-6 bedrooms: $75
  • 7-8 bedrooms: $100
  • 9+ bedrooms: $150

The replacement value for high-value items ($500+) is limited to:

Purchase date of item:

  • <1 year: 100%
  • 1-4 years: 75%
  • 5+ years: 50%

Examples of coverage

Wear and Tear or Regular MaintenanceCasiola Owner Piece of Mind Guarantee
Terry: Pillow protectors, innerloft, mattress padAll linen (sheet’s, towels, Cumulus top cover)
Walls: scuff marks, scratch marks from chairs or bar stools, small holes in walls caused by missing door stoppersIntentional holes in wall, writing on walls, excessive stains on wall
Furniture: peeling upholstery, small stains caused by regular use, small rips caused by regular useLarge stains, burn marks, large rips, broken legs
Appliances: internal parts that stop working, ice maker not working, garbage disposal leaking,Broken microwave plate, cracked stove top, dents in doors,
Game room: motors or internal parts that stop working, surface peeling off, software upgrades, projector lamp replacementBroken external parts, ripped pool table cloth, missing game controllers, external damages, HDMI cable damaged, broken pool sticks
Outside:BBQ rusting, loungers rusting or fabric ripping, wicker degrading, mold or light stains on patio cushionsCharcoal used in gas BBQ, burn marks on outdoor tables, large stains on patio cushions
Exterior: exterior pressure washing and painting, mold cleaning or roof and patio area, weed removal, loose pavers, broken pool safety fence, pressure wash of deck around patio floorExcessive stains or smoke marks on exterior walls or deck caused by guest, Waste bench cleaning caused by loose trash
AC: yearly AC maintenance and service calls, filter replacementAC damage caused by guest (freezing up system), thermostat screen or buttons broken
Floors: regular carpet cleans, grout and tile cleaning, cracked tiles, carpet replacementLarge stain removal, bleach stains,
Artwork & Decor:Missing or broken artwork and decor, lamps, vases, curtain rods falling down, laundry basket missing,
Kitchen: small kitchen appliances stop working, worn or not getting clean, broken glasses, plates, silverware and other kitchenware, scratches on pots and pans, melted spatula sets, etcBroken coffee pot, broken glasses, plates, silverware and other kitchenware (excessive amounts)
House rules: pets and service animalsTreatment to remove cigarette/marijuana odor, extra clean for undisclosed pets, damages caused by large parties, excessive clean or trash removal
TV: lines in screen, not working, slow operating system, no soundMissing remotes, damaged TV by guest
Blinds: blinds slats falling downIntentional damage to blinds, broken rail system, bokeh slats
Bathroom: regular clogged caused by disconnected pipes, roots, etc., shower liner replacementClogged toilet because guest flushed something through drain, fallen shoer curtain, toilet paper holder off wall