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Facilitations with ground floor access

Casiola does offer many properties which have Ground Floor Access. These homes are ideal for wheelchair/motorized scooter access. Feel free to move around in and out your home with complete facilitation. Go out, and experience the fantastic shopping options Orlando has to offer. Come back to your ground floor access vacation home full of bags, and carry them in easily. Want to go outside after a home cooked dinner in your beautiful kitchen? Go outside hassle free, and enjoy Florida’s signature sunsets.

Choose from a wide array of ground floor access homes, and get ready to experience the vacation of a lifetime.

Italo – Property Inspector

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Boundless accessibility for your vacation!

When booking a ground floor access Casiola home, you can rest assured that you will vacation with no limitations, and only experience total comfort and relaxation. Our ground level homes allow you to come in and out of your home, without the need for elevators and/or stairs. Enjoy an easy entrance and exit, always.

With so many things to do and see in Orlando, our ground floor homes will make venturing out fast and simple. Book your ground unit home today!

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